Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Flozzard anyone?

What do you call a cross between a blizzard and a flood?  Flozzard works for me.  I've been trying to get a few pictures of the current state of things, but its all white with some branches showing in between.  We're hunkered in for the time being.

Of course the plot has thickened a bit again.  I "know before I know" at times, to borrow from the author Elizabeth Berg.  When I saw that I had missed three calls from my mom yesterday I knew it was one of two things.  Either she was going to tell me the basement had flooded, or dad was sick.  It turns out that my dad was sick.  Between phone calls from my brother and I we managed to light a sufficient enough fire under mom to take my dad in.  I am always relieved to be validated in my thinking when it comes to the health of my parents.  The emergency doctors told my mom they were very happy she had brought my dad in, knowing it was a strain on her to do so.  But his o2 sats were at 70 on 3 liters, and that is not moving much air at all.  He also has fluid built up around his heart again and his pulse was weak.  But here is where I see some of the grace of god.  Even though the hospital is not taking patients technically, they did take my dad.  And he is getting a lot of individual attention.  Mom found a hotel room right across the street and Dr. See promised he had some "pull" and in an empty hospital he would russle up a bed for her if need be.  Mom also gets a security escort whenever she moves about the hospital.  She even got a special escort of a "handsome" young man who insisted on holding her arm as she walked to her car in the ramp.  So while I worry about how they are, really they are probably in the best of care for their current situation.  

So we've managed to find a few activities for the boys to do.  We got to see Monsters vs. Aliens on Saturday and the boys gave it the thumbs up.  And we went bowling yesterday.  Although it wasn't rockin bowling or cosmic bowling, it was "expensive" bowling.  So 40 dollars later we came home and the boys devised their own version of bowling.  Left to their own devices and tired of constantly bickering they worked together and devised a system using water bottles and an orange soft baby ball.  They actually played most of this morning.  

The project Nolan is probably the most proud of is the pillow case he helped Grandma Carole sew.  He chose his material and helped cut quilt square.  He helped iron and piece it together.  He is so proud of it and slept with it last night!  

Btw, while its a less than stellar photo, guess who won the first game of bowling? I had to take a picture of the scores for posterity as mommy is not known for her bowling scores, whereas daddy usually is. Anybody that has a ball with their name on it typically is not threatened by me.

Thanks everyone for your continued presence and prayers! Its helping. Its getting us through and we're grateful. And if you are so inclined, could you say an extra prayer for dad tonight? I'd be so honored for you to send some positive vibes his way.


  1. Will keep praying til ALL of your family members are back home, and well!!!

  2. Hi, sweetness. First, SO glad you're dad is at the hospital. Stubbornness can be dangerous in those situations... but it's a good thing his daughter is as stubborn as he is... good job! :) Will keep him and you mom (and those handsome escorts and doctors) in my prayers.

    Now... WAY TO GO BOWLING STUD. I have to say I'm terribly impressed that the boys did almost as well as the grown ups. And that pillow?!?! Tell Nolan I couldn't do something like that if I tried for the rest of my life. GREAT JOB!

    [stay warm... be well.]

  3. I was at the hospital yesterday. Very empty but the one on one care is awesome. You are all in my prayers.

  4. As though you don't have enough...hopefully things will all work out well for your mom and dad. Is your mom at one of her sister's? Hey - next thing you know Nolan will be making you tote bags and purses....near and dear to my heart...

    My family is riding out the blizzard - at least there was ample warning.

    These are the times you NEVER ask...what next?

  5. Gitz, bowling stud, now thats a good laugh! Did I mention we left the bumpers up too? I think I got a little help on a few of those that otherwise left the actual bowling stud groaning.

    Nolan learned quilting in school from the mother of his teacher, and now he shares that interest with grandma and I think its great :) thanks for the prayers. Hope you are well in this weather too as I know how unstable it is in so many places.

    Heather, this must be an especially stressful time for you with both the baby and you being monitored! I just talked to my mom and the hospital is now getting busy again so they must be slowly opening again. Take care!!

  6. Kristi, no doubt. My mom got a call from a friend on "vacation" who confided that was just a ruse for psych. treatment. It has gotten to some people for sure. I am glad to hear everyone in your family is "hunkered" down for the blizzard, we don't see it as much in the trees, but its sure building up on the ground. My mom is at the hotel across the street from the hospital as both her sisters have houses filled with displaced family members already. But really, its kind of a relief that they are under some care, its a little reassuring to me. Hope Christopher is doing better :)

  7. No problem to add your dad to our prayer list. I see you have a smart grandmother there who helps to keep the kids busy.

  8. That pillow! Way to go Nolan! And bowling...what a great idea.
    Okay, your Dad??? My goodness Vicky...I'll keep him in my prayers I'm so sorry but it sounds like he's in the best place ever right now. Oh for the love of pete, I hope this ends sooo soon ~
    Love you~


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