Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Morning Blizzard

We were in the hockey "zone" this weekend. We were either getting ready for hockey or at the rink playing hockey, those were our two modes. So it caught us a little off-guard this morning to wake up to snow. Serious snow. It isn't officially blizzarding today, the temps have to drop and the wind has to pick up, but that is what they forecast for tomorrow. In typical March fashion we are expecting 10-12 inches of snow. Hello spring :)

Both boys had their end of the season hockey jamboree. Rick took over 1000 photos this weekend. Now the task of going through them all.  For our youngest players they don't keep score.  Well, officially we don't keep score.  But ask the players and you'll know they keep track of goals. Colton was fired up. It helps that both sets of Grandpas and Grandmas were at his game. He had 5 goals and he was clearly enjoying himself.

At Nolan's level they do play a tournament and keep score.  If they win their first game they go to the winners bracket and if they lose they move to the consolation bracket.  So Nolan's team, which is loosely rated to be in last place going into the tournament, had to play the #1 team his first game.  And Nolan was in the net.  And mama.  Was.  Nervous.  Seriously!  
I anticipated a blowout.  But Nolan remained calm.  He was composed and made save after save.  And his teammates were amazing. They fought and won many battles. They went on many break-aways. But the orange team had a great goaltender too. In the end it was too much for us to overcome. We lost 4-2. But on an excitement level that was probably my favorite game of the whole year. After the game we were looking through the photos and found some surprise fans watching. Dan Kostich and his son Blake who happens to play on the high school Spud hockey team that is headed to State. Blake had given a broken stick to Nolan at the game last week after the Spuds big win against Roseau. Nolan had the stick cut to his size and had a blade put on and was using it in his next game. And Blake's dad, Dan, happened to be the head football coach of my brother's state champion football team in 1988. Five years ago, the Kostich's were very instrumental in encouraging us to get Nolan into hockey in the first place. I think this is one of those full circle moments!

Nolan's team went on to win their next two games and ended up the consolation champions. We teased them and said they were #1, on the left hand side of the brackets :) But in the end, friendships were cemented, all the hockey players were celebrated and it was a fitting way to end our season. And now we have a week off, in which we will take time off from taking our kids to hockey, and instead we will be watching more hockey! Then the following week, we start hockey again with March 3 on 3 hockey. Yes, its true, you haven't heard the last of hockey yet.


  1. I told Thad about your teams losing streak. He claimed the Green team is no better. Sadly, Mite 4 lost Boo hoo!
    I am glad Nolan's team got a happy ending. By the way, my ears are still ringing from the screeching of some fans.

  2. Bonnie, that is too bad, thats the only downfall of the jamboree. Rick said he does have photos of Ryan and he hopes to put them online as soon as we get them all ripped down. Nolan and his team didn't talk as though the green team was an "easy" team at all.
    I heard that Kay Peterson was given permission by Mr. Boyle to bring some hankys too school to sell today. We haven't seen one yet, if you do you'll have to tell me how they look!

  3. I can't believe it snowed this morning. Can not beeelieve it.
    In Oct. / Nov. when you guys were getting delicious Autumn and we kept having to crank up our air conditioner I wanted to be where you Nov/Dec when you got deeelightful snow for the holidays and we were still cranking up our air conditioner on occasion...I wanted to be where you Jan/Feb when I watched for snow every single day and still...nothing. I sooo wanted to be where you are. But I suppose for a month or so I can be ok with where I am, wearing flip flops and short sleeves with the back door open...but don't be tempted to be won't be long before the bugs take over the outside and the temps soar into the 90's and I'm longing to be where you are again:)
    Snuggle in ~ love to you
    (I didn't even comment on the hockey. You know I don't understand it. But I will say those photos are wonderful !!! and the boys looked great, please don't tell them this is all I was able to ekkk out about the games, it's embarassing!)

  4. Robin, we'll take you here any day regardless of what you choose to comment on!! And today commenting on the weather is very appropriate, I assure you :)

    No, I am not a fan of 90 degree plus days with humidity and bugs biting either :) But short sleeves and flip flops sure do bring a smile to my face just thinking about them!! Spring will come :)

  5. Love the pics and can't wait to see more. I'll email you ones that I took.
    What a great weekend.
    Was driving in the snow today for work. Yuck, many cars in the ditch on I29.

  6. You're probably sick of that weather but it sure is inviting to me. Wow. That's LOVELY!

    And great pics of the boys. Congrats on a great, fun season. You looked like you were having a great "hockey-mom" time. My niece married a hockey player for the Fresno Falcons. And other than the fact that there is a puck and that they regularly beat each other, you have heard my complete education on hockey! lol

  7. Amy,

    I'll bet that was no fun at all to be out in it... glad you're back home safe!

    Rick and I are trying to think of some fun things to do for our team with the photos. We are totally short on time this week... hopefully in time for the banquet.


    We really did have fun :) We have such fun people involved that you can't help but have a good time. I could never have anticipated this journey of hockey in my life, but I am sure thankful for it now that it is here!!

  8. i cannot get over how stunningly impressive such little people can look on skates.

    it's gotta be in their blood or something... all that padding and the sticks and the skates and that teeny tiny puck...

    it's just not natural. and yet they look so darn natural doing it.

  9. Gitz, they pretty much get their skates on just as soon as they figure out how to walk :) They just don't know any differently. They certainly make it look easy when I know that it is not!

  10. I absolutely love that first picture of Colton. What a cutie!

  11. Thanks Heather, as soon as Rick saw it he knew he had to set it aside for me :)

    I love it too and I am sure he will be blowing it up for our wall!

  12. I have to show these photos to Christopher -- he will so love to see his buddies Nolan and Colton playing hockey - I am not sure he even knows what hockey is - but he knows they play it. Then again, he probably knows more than I give him credit for regarding the game - and probably could talk circles about the game around his mommy...

  13. I'll bet he does know more than he lets on, he is a little sharpie. I don't think much escapes his attention! Your kid could talk circles around you and mine could skate circles around me!


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