Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Red River Rising!

Earlier this evening we sneaked away from the neighborhood and walked in the direction of the river. We ran into some friends who really wanted us to see their dikes and told us to go through their yards to get to the river. So Rick and I managed to get all the way to the edge of the river. Oh my cow! Its moving so fast. Crazy fast. And its spread out so far. It gave us a clear image of what is heading our way, and I mean now. I can attest to the fact that those trees, are not normally in the middle of the river!

On our way back we almost got sealed in. The earthen dike is being built all the way across 40th Avenue and the people who live on the west side of it will be walking to their cars parked on the other side to get out.

The above three photos are where I perched most of the evening. I took over filling bags this evening and rested my sore back and arms from passing sandbags. This next little bit is for my neighbor who is traveling in Europe. One of the sandbag stations happens to be outside of her house, so I've gotten several photos of it. She has three of the cutest boys and I know she is missing them terribly. I saw her husband carrying their youngest into the house tonight at dinnertime. He looked happy and well! The house looks great and hubby seems to be holding up just fine. It must be hard to be so far from home at a time like this, but be assured everything is okay!

Sorry for the poor quality of the last photo. But if you look really, really carefully you'll see why I bothered to take it in the first place. Nestled amongst the trees is a robin. My first robin of spring. And I am just going to take this as a sign of hope.

Thanks again to everyone offering their help, and kind thoughts and concern and prayers :) The days are starting to run together and we're only a few days into what could last for weeks. So every kindness, lifts us up, and gives us the grace to keep going. I've been sharing your comments too, and they bring the biggest smiles when everyone knows people from near and far are expressing their care. So please feel free to leave a comment, they mean more than you could possibly know.


  1. Oh Vicky...I almost have no words for these eyes are about to pop out of my head. The news coverage this morning was better but they really should get your pictures and put the on...
    I'm praying, this goes without saying...for renewed strength and lightheartedness in the midst of these long hard days.
    The 1st robin of spring...YES! It's a sign...hang on and hugs and loads of thoughts and prayers...

  2. The officials are saying with one more big effort today we should be able to get all the dikes to 42 feet and then it'll just be a matter of setting up dike patrol to watch for leaks.

    Now we are just going to have to dig out from all the snow so we can get to work on it :)

    Thanks for your continued prayers and support Robin!

  3. Yourself included, Sara :) Today will be interesting! We'll be thinking of you as well :)

  4. Since you're reading this to everyone please tell them we are praying for relief for all of you. I can only imagine how dog-tired you all must be and yet still have to keep going.

    You ARE AN INSPIRATION to us watching you love each other and band together. God's grace is being lived out through your efforts.

    May the road rise up to meet you and not the flood water!

    We are praying! Love and encouragement from California!

  5. Thats what I'm talking about :) Wonderful words Robynn! In awhile I hope to share with you just how much a few well-placed word of encouragement can mean :) With a grateful heart, I thank you.

  6. I spotted the little bird. She blends right in!

    As much rain as we've had this year, I'm surprised that we haven't had more flooding. People often think of hurricane damage as wind damage, but they bring loads of water with them.

    Keeping your family and those in your area in my prayers.

  7. Thank you Libby for your kind and thoughtful words and prayers :) Very thankful to not be battling wind on top of everything else!

  8. Girl, no little blizzard is going to affect the people of Minnesota... You people are in the country of Laura Ingalls Wilder for crying out loud, and those episodes always turned out ok in the end!!!!! ;)

    [sorry, couldn't resist.]

    Friend, I am thinking of you so much and praying for you all. I can't even imagine how exhausted you must be and I know it is such a looonnngg process... but I'm praying for strength and fortitude and success in all of your efforts. We're pulling for you...

  9. Sweet Sara, I know you know as someone who has been surrounded by it. Fortitude, strength and success. And comma's. And if Laura lived through what she did, no DOUBT we'll come through the other side of this. Thank you for always showing up and giving such comforting words.

  10. I'm thinking of you and the people of your neighbourhood Vicky. Sending you good vibes, and strength to carry on. As Robynn R puts it so beautifully, how wonderful it is to see the people bonding together to help each other! Hugs. xxx

  11. Thank you for your sweet words Jientje! I appreciate all the kindness you have shown. I hope to have images as colorful and breathtaking as some of yours in the near future :)


I welcome what you have to say. Thanks for taking the time to grace me with your thoughts and words!

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When you get lucky

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