Monday, March 23, 2009

Mud Pit

Just a few quick pics and words. I'm in awe of the tremendous effort being put forth. I hardly dared stop to snap these few photos because that is just how hard and fast everyone is working. So I couldn't show you the massive amounts of people lined up passing sandbags... you'll have to trust my word that there are many. I have no idea how high the river is or where there is overland flooding. We've heard interstate 29 is down to one lane in places. Many county road are under water. We're just glad its not here, yet.

The colleges cancelled classes and we have had bus loads arriving all day. I laughed at one of the city buses with its "sandbagger express" sign on the window. Its starting to drizzle and I am putting kids to bed when I can excavate them from under their layers of dirt. Thank you for all the phone calls, offers of help and prayers. We truly appreciate it.


  1. At least it looked like they enjoyed all that mud!
    Glad that you're all safe.

  2. Thanks Libby, and yes I am sure he enjoyed the "slip" he took in the mud.

  3. O.M.GOSH. Looks like HEAVEN for little boys and TONS OF WORK for everyone else. Keep us posted!

  4. Oh, that boy of yours makes me smile!!!

    When all the flooding was happening this summer, at the beginning of my blog, I wrote that it's times like these that I love living in Iowa. There is something about community in the midwest... the endurance and support and kindness... I can't imagine it being better anywhere else.

  5. Gitz, I don't think it could be better anywhere else. We sure don't have that here.
    Oh the mud Vicky!!!
    I'm really glad you took pictures, the news I've been watching hasn't given near the "taste" of what's going on as you have. Thank you.
    I'm praying your floor stays dry.
    love to you.

  6. I wish I could be more a help to it all. thad is working 12 hour shifts, so I am on mommy support is with you all!

  7. Thank you all for your kind words and sentiments. I come home tired and achy but am buoyed by your support and ready to tackle a little more because of it!


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