Thursday, March 26, 2009

Flood evacuations...

By 9:00 pm tonight the temperature dropped to a 7 degree wind chill factor. And to faces, ears and hands that have grown accustomed to 30's and 40's, it felt like January all over again. We didn't last very long out there and will have a fresh go of it again tomorrow since school has been cancelled for the rest of the week.  I thought these photos taken in the snow with the glowing material on the firefighter's trucks and backs was a sort of neat effect. I laughed at seeing that this crew was from Eden Prairie. Rick's college roommate lives in Eden Prairie and is a member of the fire department. The firefighters promised to give him grief for us for not coming to rescue us.  

I couldn't get out to take more photos today.  I heard the coulee is filled with water and running onto the road now.  The national guardsmen in our front yard also told us today they have been told they will be here for two weeks.  

So with all of the talk of evacuations... yes, I said evacuations, I got to thinking. Just what do you take when they either come knocking on your door or they issue a code red through your phone? They've warned us you won't get much time.   So tell me, what two things would you grab on your way out the door if you're house is being washed away by floodwaters and why? ( I am saying two because most of us have two hands. Family members and pets are already included so don't include them.) 


  1. My Bibles and my photos/videos of the kids. Of course, as ridiculously camera happy as I was when they were babies that might not be as easy as it sounds. More like I'd have to back up the U-Haul for that quick getaway.

    Oh Vicky (there it is again) I so hope it doesn't come to evacuations. How is it that the river keeps rising when you have snow and freezing temps? It would seem that would slow it down. Is it that a possibililty? Could you remove your most important things now, just in case? I know THAT's got to be a pain but not as much as losing it later.

    Boy, I wish there was something I could do besides pray. I know that's powerful because God controls this situation for his plans and purposes but it's such a helpless feeling to see all of you struggling not knowing what's coming.

    Still praying and am CONSTANTLY amazed that you even bother to read my posts, let alone comment. But I'm so glad if it brings you a little comedic relief. You are so sweet to tell me these things.

    Praying, praying, praying, girlfriend.

  2. I'm with Robyn, I wish there was something I could do. Can't believe the temps dropped so.
    The news coverage is really good now, this am CBS was in Moorhead. I feel more in touch with what's going on...but what can I do???? I so wish there was something. Whew, I'm praying though.
    Okay...if I was, camera, older photo albums, my mom's sewing machine, my pillow...hummm, everything in my "fun room"...then I'd say to the big man at my door, Is this too much?
    love to you~R

  3. You mean, besides, the dogs, kids, husband, purse, 3 suitcases, my make-up bag, toiletry bag, hair needs bag, dog essentials bag, snack bag, over night bag, laptop in bag, hard drives from all computers, my crutches, six pairs of shoes, a duffle bag full of paperbacks, and a partridge in a pear tree? I'd have to grab all of my photos, and photo albums (along with all my scrap booking supplies) and my favorite pillow!

    Does this help any?

    Still praying for you and yours!

  4. Oh - I forgot - I must have my camera!

  5. Shame on me...I didn't read through all the directions! Please take dogs, husband and, kid's off of my original list.

    The other stuff I can manage, cause as a mother of ten, I have extra hands ( and eyes ) that are invisible
    to others!

  6. I would grab the scrapbooks and photo albums that are in my hope chest. I couldn't imagine losing those memories.
    I'm praying for you, Vicki.

  7. Vicky stay safe - I prepared our evacuation bag yesterday - social security cards, cash, birth certificates and that's it, that's all we need as long as we are safe!

  8. Vicky are you being evacuated???? I dont' have your number.

  9. Well, assuming my rosary and my meds are in my purse slung over one shoulder, and my computer is a bag flung over the other shoulder, and my camera is hanging around my neck...

    Then in one hand I would carry my scrapbooks and in the other I would carry cards and notes I've saved from people.

    Praying that the evacuation process never comes to your door...


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