Friday, March 27, 2009

Home Away From Home.

In reality we didn't leave until this morning. Although we packed and were ready to go my own parents hadn't firmed up their own plans and by the time we were in a place to be able to go, we were beyond being in any shape to drive. We crashed in our beds and woke up to a chill in the air and sun in the sky. And eery silence. Ghost town. At least in our area.
These were the last photos we took as we headed out of town. The top photo is the coulee across from our park. The bottom two are the coulee behind our house that we have worked so diligently to constuct. Its as close to the river as we could get, although we haven't seen it now for a couple of days. I rather like the portion of the sign left showing, in the foreground. It looks like it says "No." I am in total agreement with that. No as in no more flooding. No more water. No more. NO.
We managed to make it safely to Park Rapids, to Grandpa Jim's and Grandma Carole's lake home, where we were welcomed with open arms. While we don't have local tv stations we do have internet access and I'll check in as time allows. The river has not crested yet. But the unforseen circumstance that seems to have had a postive effect on slowing it down is the cold weather. Its very much an irony to me that the very thing we have longed to have leave, is the very thing that may have saved us in the end. We're counting our blessings and hoping and praying for the best possible outcome for everyone. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. Knowing so many people are rooting for us has kept us going when every step is such an uncertain one.


  1. Oh I'm SOOOO glad to hear from you and know that you are tucked in someplace loving and safe!! I know you'd much rather be home and not at flood stage but it's good for the time being.

    Maybe, just maybe this will slow down enough to save everything.

    Loved the sign and your take on it. You nailed THAT one. Sometimes so much can be said with one little word....NO.

    Hugs and prayers for you!


  2. I am so happy that you are out of there and safe. My goodness at the week you have had. I am now able to get internet access and TV so I can stay on top of this more.

    Prayers for you all!

  3. Thad is now concerned that the cold could cause some rupturing of water...sounds like a labor/delivery term, but I think he means the waters reacting to it!
    Glad you are safe :)

  4. Hello from the cousins in Wahpeton!! I have been dropping in on the site daily to make sure that you made it to Uncle Jimmy & Carol's... I have been praying that this will end well for all family and friends in the F/M area and it breaks my heart that even with all the time and back breaking work people are still forced to leave their homes.. I hope that it was just a precaution and when you return you will only have sand to sweep out of the driveway! (well... and a few sandbags to unstack)
    All my thoughts and prayers are with you. Take care and keep Posting!
    The Gerdon's in Wahp

  5. Glad to know you're tucked in safe and sound! Seems so crazy that you're leaving all that water to go to a lake home; irony at work there. It certainly sounds like it's staying cold for awhile in the midwest, so if that is helping I hope it sticks around. They're talking about Fargo right now on the news and have been talking about Moorhead, too... just wishing there was something we could do!

    Thanks for checking in and letting us know how you are!

  6. Okay you're safe and sound now. Dry and warm...on a lake! Oh my...Mike was reading your blog yesterday and said "Isn't there something we can do?" which seems to be everyone's Vicky, can we help? Do you need anything? I'm relieved and still praying and watching the news and your blog to you

  7. We are all so glad that your somewhere safe. We will continue to pray for the best outcome possible - for you, your family (and home), friends, and neighbors.
    Please keep us infomed...cause we do care!

  8. Dr. John has your blog as his blog of the day.

    I hope everything turns out ok for you and that you are back in your home soon. Keep safe.

  9. Glad to hear that you are safe. Did your parents go with you? My family is still hanging in up there. I guess they closed I-94 by St. Cloud this morning - Paul said he saw on Fox News is was because the Mississippi is flooding. Hopefully your tenants have also left. I just keep hoping for the best...and worrying about the worst. Take care. Kristi

  10. When I picked your blog it was so people could pray for the child's needs. I never thought we would show up in the middle of such an adventure.
    God bless you and keep you safe.

  11. We almost went to Fargo today to help but weren't sure we would be allowed in, even if we could make the long trip from Madison. I can't believe it snowed on top of everything! Glad you are safe.

  12. Robynn, glad you liked the sign. Thanks for your coninuted prayers and always your well-said words that are so welcoming to me.

    Tippa, happy to hear you are now connected and in your new home. Thank you for the prayers, can't wait to come and catch up.

    Bonnie, prayers for Thad and all the hard work he is going through and for you and all the stress his job brings you and the kids. I love getting your info and updates.

    The Waph. Gerdons, (Brenda?) So fun to see you show up here. It was equally painful to watch your community fight the flood and was so relieved it didn't get worse. Thanks for the kind words and we'll be thinking of you as well.

    Gitz, you saw the irony too in running to the "lake" to escape the water :) I wish I knew what everyone could do but what you are doing helps... your prayers and words of encouragement and compassion mean everything :) Hoping this weather isn't too hard on you and sending prayers for good health.

    Robin, you and Mike and others with their questions of what to do for us is very humbling and appreciated. I simply don't even know what can be done? But your continued prayers are so welcome and appreciated, I think that is making the most difference right now! Can't wait to hear more about baby Elliot :) Love to you all, tell Mike thank you.

    Libby, thanks for your continued support and prayers. You with your hurricane experience will have to tell us how to proceed once the water starts to retreat:)

    Sue, so glad you told me about Dr. John. Its nice to have you come and add your support.

    KP, both the renters and mom and dad were evacuated yesterday as the storm drains backed up and were filling the streets. Hope your mom and dad are well and Debbi's family too. Thanks for thinking of us so much, you know we appreciate it :)

    Fandago, I am happy for BOTH reasons you were led to my blog. Stellan and his family need your prayers as do many in our community so thank you for picking me/us!


    The words of the poem are still with me :) What a wonderful gesture on your part as Madison to Fargo is indeed a long drive. I don't know either who is being let in to help and I do know hotel rooms/places to stay are pretty scarce. But the fact that you would even consider trying or conceiving of the trip speaks volumes to me :) Thank you for your kindness and thinking of us!


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