Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just ask.

How many were there? 10. Hockey players that is. And not just your average player. One line alone had three Cullen boys. The other had two Lee brothers. The NHL was well represented. Division I hockey was well represented. Its not often you get to see UND Sioux players skating with an RPI player at the same time as a Carolina Hurricanes player skating with an Ottawa Senators player. But the one thing they all had in common? They were mostly former Moorhead Spuds and a couple were from the surrounding area.

And the lucky part for Nolan? A stick broke during the scrimmage. Of course, any hockey loving playing boy knows just what to do. Ask. He was not disappointed. One Sioux goalie bestowed his broken stick upon an eager 8 year old boy. The icing on the cake? Each player came to where Nolan was standing and signed it. And as he does with anything of great importance to him... he slept with it in his bed last night! Nolan seems to have a lucky streak going, it makes you wonder what could possibly be next? And... what did we do to be so deserving? We'll have to think of a way to pay it forward...stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Double-duty bat boy.

Nolan has had a really fun experience being the Moorhead Blues bat boy. He even got to travel with the team a couple of weeks ago when they went to Detroit Lakes. Twice he has had a friend come and help. He got all the different versions of their uniform and a bat bag just like the teams. And they paid him. Ice cream! Yum... who wouldn't do it for that?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Good luck with surgery Alex!

My niece Alex is having her tonsils out on Wednesday this week. Of course the boys decided they should make get well cards TODAY meaning they will never get to Pennsylvania by surgery day. But we thought maybe our well wishes would travel nicely this way. We'll be thinking of you, Alex, and say some prayers for good health, comfort and healing! And be sure to eat lots of popsicles and ice cream!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Take one 8 year old boy. Add in one 7 iron, 95 yards, and one yellow spongebob squarepants ball. Mix in one big swing. Add in a pinch of luck. What do you get? A hole in one!!!!!

Nolan, Colton, and Gunnar played in their end-of-the-year golf tournament at Village Green yesterday. Nolan took first place in the 8 and under division thanks to the help of the hole-in-one.

But that wasn't all. Gunnar easily beat his previous scores by a good 10 strokes and finished strong. And Colton, the only 6 year old playing with the 8 and under age group only missed third place by one stroke. The weather was perfect. Grandma Carole and Aunt Missy were both on hand. Rick took some time away from a very hectic work day and helped out. It doesn't get much better than this...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Two lucky boys!

Its no secret. The boys love, and I mean LOVE Jordy Christian. Ever since Nolan was 4 and met him at the state hockey tournament he has been the boys' favorite. He is in every way exactly how you want your own kids to grow up and be like one day. It'd be easy to say its because of his amazing hockey talent, or his upbeat nature, or the perseverence and determination he continually shows. But really, its because underneath it all he is all heart. He gives, unconditionally, and we are honored he continues to give so much of himself to our kids.

Nolan "Morneau?"

His team is even called the "Twins." And the way they have attacked most of their games, you would think a championship was on the line. They have been a fun team to watch and seem to be filled with team spirit. Its really a pleasure to see how they can actually not only field the ball but decide where to throw it and know it'll get to the other end and sometimes get caught for an out. In other word "real plays" are being made and not just talked about. And while they don't keep offical score they are sure they are "undefeated," or the score is Twins 26, other team 3.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

All in the family.

Most everyone knows this trip almost didn't happen. Originally we were supposed to go to Illinois for a golf tournament... but the great flood of 2008 was a deterrent. And Rick had a last minute "yearbook crisis" that caused a few anxious moments. Then there was the increasing cost of gas to factor in as well as an elderly dog that would need some tlc while we were gone. But we were determined. And the payoff far exceeded any turmoil felt when we first set out.

I was so thrilled to see how Madi and Alex openly shared their home, their toys, their whole world with Nolan and Colton. They were very gracious hosts! And to watch Nolan and Colton embrace the adventure and truly relish each new experience... they just seemed to fit right in.

My brother swears this isn't true, but I don't remember him choosing to swim with as much zeal as I did when we were young... I recall him wanting to fish with his lake friends and go boating. He'd jump in the lake to cool off and then get out again. I however could spend an entire day at the beach! But to see him swim and be silly with all of the kids while we were there was a treat. And when Rick captured Nolan holding hands with Uncle Lee at Hershey Park I knew another bond had been strenghtened. Nolan and Alex were our devilish twosome while Colton and Madi were our gentle but bright spirits. And Aunt Kelly was the energetic head cheerleader... planning, organizing and maneuvering behind the scenes, making the overwhelming seem effortless and helping to pave the way for a truly magical experience.

Nolan's big thrill

This photo just begs for an entry all of its own... after the "medium" roller coaster that even I went on, Nolan bravely asked to go on the "Lightning Racer" which promised a little more speed. Not even Rick's very speedy camera could capture the look on Nolan's face... so the quality is poor but Nolan's look is priceless!

Whats better than an amusement park?

... an amusement park with a water park! Brilliant, I tell you... pure magic! After 3 hours of rides and just as we were about to melt we rounded a corner and suddenly it felt like we were at the beach! I so regret not having found my swim suit before the trip... but enjoyed watching the kids... and even became tempted to buy a new suit just to join in the fun!

Not so happy frog hopper

Fun with the Hershey Helds!

We had the best day at Hershey Park! Madi and Alex (my neices) graciously gave the boys their Hershey Park tickets that they had earned from their school... (thank-you girls!). We went on soooo many rides... there was a ride for all levels of thrill seeking (in the case of Rick and I not-so-much-thrill-seeking, in the case of Nolan and the Held's more-than-anticipated thrill-seeking). I'll try another slide show for more of the rest... but excuse my "fumbling" not-so-techy skills!

When you get lucky

When you get lucky

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