Saturday, March 14, 2009

Here we go Moorhead!!!

It was a completely different looking game last night! Some games are so exciting that despite some butterflies in your tummy you still have a good time. Last night I felt like even with a 1 goal lead we battled to keep a lead all night long. Our scorers weren't going to break out of the zone any time soon so they just had to defend their own zone and we are not used to watching that kind of hockey! Its kind of an "Oh no" feeling instead of the usual "oh Yea" feeling. It was a collective sigh of relief when we won the game 2-1. Whew! We rolled back into the hotel at midnight with two exhausted kids and wiped out parents. Fortunately they slept in for one of the first times of their young lives. We will all need to be rested.

The Moorhead Spuds, the underdogs, are playing in the Minnesota State High School Hockey Championship game tonight!!!! Let me give some perspective. The Spuds have been to the state tournament 11 times. 6 of the 11 times they have played in the championship game. We have never won. We have never been first. All six times we came in second place. If we win tonight, we will make history for our town and our school. Either way we could not be more proud of our boys!!! And our young boys are dreaming big of someday being on the ice in the state tournament themselves!!! Please join us in some positive thinking for our team!! We know they can. Now they just have to do it. Thank you everyone for your comments and well-wishes, it really means a lot to all of us!


  1. GO SPUDS!

    My word verification, today is:

    hoepu (hope you)

    So I hoepu become No.1 !!!

  2. ROOTIN' FOR THE SPUDS!!! (That makes me sound like a wild boar or something!)

    Can't wait to hear the outcome. Have FUNNNNN!

  3. Here We Go, Spuuuuds, Here We Go!

    (do they do that cheer in hockey?)

    (do they have cheerleaders in hockey?... maybe that's why I never understood it. I was a total cheerleader.)

    :D ♥

  4. Libby, wow, perfect word veri :) Thanks for hoping for us!

    Robynn, never thought you'd be excited for a potato now did you? So glad to have you root our way!

    Yes, Sara, that is the cheer! We don't have cheerleaders, we have an entire section of students who have the best cheers, I will have to elaborate at a later date cuz they are pretty clever and funny. Why is it not a surprise to me you were a cheerleader?

  5. Gorgeous photos particularly of your two babies asleep. I hope your team won or wins depending on when the game is played!

  6. I came over to you from Lilly's blog. Those photos of your children sleeping is just so sweet. They look so peaceful.

  7. Thank you Mervat, how fun to have you show up here:)


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When you get lucky

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