Friday, August 24, 2018

Hope & Beyond

Dear friends, family and love ones.  I've always wondered how do this post?  How beautiful or thought provoking I might be able to make it.  But what about if you wait until it seems you might not be able to get it done?  Now that doesn't sound like much, but please understand its what I have.  I'm continuing to find the extraordinary is right here in the ordinary and I hope you'll take the time to find it as well.

On Tuesday after much reflection, thought, devotion and wonderful talks, Rick and I along with the boys determined Hospice was the best type of care for me.  Hospice is "end of life," care.  I will no longer go into the Sanford hospital, do chemo or radiation, see anyone at Sanford Infusion Center to have treatment of any kind.  Its daunting to make this big change, but the help of our pastors from the church, I feel more and more at ease with this decision!  This the right thing to do for now.

So we've done our best to reach out to many of you but not all of you know yet and we thank you for staying with us all this time in support, peace and love, plus hope and prayer.

Thank you one and all for the beautiful words you've shared with with me.  How you've shared your lives so much with me.  I will miss you more than I could put into words and so I won't try. I love you- to the moon and back!                                  


                                                                       All shall be well

Just a quick note: communication is difficult for me, your words uplift me, I will see them but my communication will come through Rick as we move forward in the journey.

When you get lucky

When you get lucky

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