Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Red River new crest predicted at History making 41 feet!

The picture of Annie, in the photo above was taken by an AP photographer and ran in the Fargo Forum today. Too cute not to share.

I've been largely stuck at home today. Can you tell why? In normal times a snowstorm that brings up to 9 inches of snow at the end of March is newsworthy. Today it was just adding insult to injury. But with the latest news we're gearing up to go one more time. As of 1:30 pm the city officials are putting out the call for one more big push of sandbagging. Instead of just a 24 hour effort, we now need a continuous 48 hours. Instead of 42 feet being high enough for our dikes... we are preparing now to raise them to 43.

It was a virtual ghost town for awhile in our neighborhood. But its coming back to life now. The semi's are bringing the bags of sand and the red cross took up post outside our house. The national guards men who have been residing outside my house and delighting Nolan and his friend Ethan with a ride in their truck, are now steadily directing traffic again.

Rick and Nolan left to help one of our hockey families refurbish and raise their dikes. With the images of evacuations now occurring in places just to the south of town, more reality has set in.

And yet, the other bit of reality is that regardless of the outcome of everything, we will ultimately be okay. We will be able to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and settle into a new kind of normal. The important things will still be intact.

Right now, there are others who are in more dire need than anyone of us here. Its hard to imagine just over a month ago MckMama and I had a such a fun and playful exchange going. Today as I battle to keep water at bay, baby Stellan (and his family) is fighting the biggest battle of all, he is fighting for his life. I encourage you to click the button at the top right of my sidebar, and go offer some encouragement to sweet baby Stellan's family. We can fix the damage done by a flood, but doctors have yet to fix poor Stellan's heart.


  1. It does feel like a lot of overwhelming stuff lately, doesn't it?

    Praying for everyone... that hearts can be kept steady, both literally and figuratively.

  2. We're thinking about you. Keep us posted. Sorry we haven't been in touch, Matt's out of town and I didn't turn on my computer until just now!

  3. I'm trying so hard to keep Sarah's "Choose Joy" in my heart right now, but it's sooooooooo hard sometimes.

    I've got a lot of time on my hands at the moment, so I've got plenty of time to pray...for you, your town, baby Stellen, Gitz, heck the whole world and everyone in it.

    Please stay safe, and keep posting so we know that you're high and dry!

  4. Oh Vicky been praying all day. I went news surfing and even the weather channel is covering you today.
    I'm just amazed...hang on.
    I'm also lifting up Stellan and fam. Oh so much going on...I'm there with you in spirit. love you~

  5. Praying for you and your town Vicki. And I, too, have been praying without ceasing for dear Stellan!

  6. I feel so blessed and honored to have you all as blog peeps. You're giving us the best possible encouragement and its so appreciated.


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When you get lucky

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