Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fargo- Moorhead Flood Preparation Updates.

I just came from the other side of our block and this is what I spent the morning doing. Filling and moving sandbags. But its harder now. Fatigue is setting in much quicker for those who have been at it hours on end.

And yet the amazing stories continue to roll in. We had a huge thunderstorm last night and set a record for amount of rain in one day for the month of March. Through the rain and the storm, nobody stopped. Nobody asked to quit.

And thankfully the volunteers keep arriving. They are coming by truck, bus, car, and van. I saw a man on oxygen, sitting on a bucket, separating bags. And then there was the elderly Ibuprofen lady. She came around with 3 Ibuprofen and bottled water and she was one busy woman. She may very well have been an angel in the midst of the chaos, but its hard to tell because I am convinced there are many.

In the photo above is the coulee that was empty on Sunday and this is as of early today.

In the photo below, the river is just behind the trees although I see it spilling out over the road already.  I couldn't get back there, but you can tell its coming.

In the photo above you can see the slanted roofed house which is the one my in-laws built in the 90's.  During the flood of '97 they said the water came up almost to the house but they remained dry and thankful.  They sold the house in 2000 and another new family just moved in. 

This last photo is right in front of my house. "War zone," comes to mind.


  1. How wonderful that people are working together like this!

  2. Yes, Libby, its encouraging and so wonderful to see in action. But in the Midwest its how we roll! I am not terribly surprised, just extremely grateful.

  3. Came back to check on you and am continually amazed at the community there. Makes me want to pack up and move. Still praying...thank you for keeping us up on what's happening...
    love to you...thinking of you non stop.

  4. OH VICKY....I think I say this everytime I come here but it's just what comes to mind. WHAT AN EFFORT!!!! And how heartening to see so many caring people working so hard to help. These are the blessings in the trials - remembering how many caring, loving individuals there really are in the world. All we see on the news are the selfish, pompous, greedy types who take up all the air time. THANK YOU for sharing this and we are PRAYING!!!!

  5. My two favorite Robins/Robynns :) Your care and concern mean so much to all of us, thank you for the continued support and especially all those prayers!

  6. I'm so so so glad to see how much has already been done. Sometimes I think this is the hardest part; the waiting for what you know is coming... but you are looking to be ahead of the game. I hope it holds and that some of this (constant!) rain eases up for you!!!

  7. You are so right Sara, so much IS getting done!! We walked to the river tonight through the backyards of some friends just to see... I'll post later but IT IS COMING! Steady and fast.


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When you get lucky

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