Sunday, March 29, 2009

From Floods to Blizzards

Thanks to David Samson of the Fargo Forum, I was pleasantly surprised to see our rental house appear on the pages of the newspaper yesterday (third house in from the end of the block,  just past the big tree.)  The picture is intended to show the storm drains backing up into the streets and it just so happens to have occurred on the avenue next to our affectionately named "blue" house.  It too has been evacuated.  I miss being able to lay eyes on the surrounding condition of things.  I'm on the outside looking in and it has me feeling displaced.  Well that and a little bit of water :)

But Rick came to spend a little time with us today and I am hoping he can help the boys feel some normalcy. Grandpa and Grandma are bending over backwards to accommodate all of us and we are so grateful for the hospitality. But the rhythm of our days is so warped it sure has the boys feeling out of sorts. Even I woke up to the sound of a young boy trying to get down from his bunk bed in time to go to the bathroom and sat up too quickly forgetting I was on the bottom bed.  I'm sporting a new goose egg on the side of my head.   We are hearing the "I just want to go home" cry more often now and then the "what can I do cry" is ever more prevalent.  And I am hearing from my fellow evacuees, their children are much the same way. Its difficult when moms and dads don't have the ready answers.

The news on the water level in the Red River is actually encouraging as it continues to slowly drop. But their is a speed bump along the way. A Blizzard with the potential of 8-14 inches of snow.  Surprisingly,  the snow is not the biggest concern as it has less water content than rain... but the wind associated with it could wreak havoc on our "no wake zone" on the river. It also means the streets will be a challenge to drive on and if there are dike breachs it may take some time for responders to get to them. But I have faith. You have to expect a number of breachs and leaks and unforeseen events. And so far they have all been effectively dealt with. So regardless the obstacle, I am certain the members of our well-trained coast guard and national guard will prevail in the end.

These videos have been circulating on Youtube and this is #8 in a series being done by Lee Hoedel.  My internet connection makes  it seem  choppy  so I haven't been able to view them in entirety,  but  I saw the first 3 at home and was really moved by them .  And in the absence of any actual pictures, I am just happy to have something to post, because between the dog throwing up and the needs of the kids, I'm a little low on creative juice.   

We also wanted to wish Rick's younger brother, Matt, a Happy Birthday today!   We are all thinking of you, Matt, and hope you have a great day!  

Thanks for the continued support.  I welcome any ideas you may have for activities for cooped up boys in a lake cabin up north :)   


  1. Hey Vic - just talked to my sister and she reported it is now starting to snow - and snow heavy. Isn't it awful just to have to sit and wait - you want to do something but there is now way to do the whatever it is that you aren't really sure you could be doing sort of thing. I told Debbi she should just pack up the girls and come here -- then Christopher woke up with the flu -- so now her choices are bad or worse. Clearly water by your rental and that means by your parents also -- any word if they flooded? What about your house? I just started Nemo for the 6th - or maybe its 7th time today -- after 5 just lost least its keeping him happy. He and the dog just had a "fight" so I am starting to think the road to recovery is what we are on. Take care of all of you...

  2. Oh, I think my ideas might be too ... mundane for hockey players. :)

    With my nieces and nephews I used to cut the fingers off of old gloves and we'd decorate them as finger puppets... take a box and cut it up and design a stage and then put on plays.

    I'm thinking your boys would prefer a sword fight. I'd also be baking and decorating cookies, but I'm guessing a storm trouper out of legos would be more their speed. :)

    When all else fails, I would scream : "Rooobbbiinnnn!!!!!" and hope she had some ideas!

    I'm so anxious for this chapter to be over for you... for you to be back home and find some semblance of normalcy. Until then, know you're in my prayers. And I really hope Dakota stops throwing up... ew.

  3. Vicky why oh why is Dakota throwing up??? So Sorry. And those boys I feel sure would just love to get some energy out! Baking and decorating cookies sounds fun but that's probably because cookies are my drug of choice!
    When will it all end?!?!?!?

  4. Throw a flood party. Get some balloons, bake a cake, and play games. Tell the boys sometimes you just have to laugh at bad things before they go away.
    We are praying for you every night.

  5. Oh Vicky - thinking of you all. I bet the boys are getting tired of it all, as everyone must be. Take Care.

  6. Kristi, my parent's house and the rental house are fine so far, as is our house. I am so sorry to hear you couldn't attend Lauren's baptism, that is hard to have to miss out. You probably missed out on seeing Todd altogether... the effects are being felt by so many.

    Gitz, Dakota seems fine, but has a notoriously touchy stomach so we're just keeping an eye on her. I really like the puppets idea:) Maybe they could do a play about star wars lego storm
    troupers! You are right though, hockey is hard to compete with. And cookies are definitely on the agenda!! Thanks sweet friend, for my ever growing list of all the wonderful things you say and do for me.

    Robin, you just asked the question we would all love to know... when is the end? I think baking cookies is a GREAT idea. I haven't had a chance to post but I baked some fabulous cookies for the national guard in front of our house last week. Now you are making me hungry :) Dakota is a sensitive girl with a delicate stomach, so she has been known to have tummy issues from time to time.

    Dr. John, you are clearly a creative sort yourself and I couldn't agree more with your logic! We could keep the boys entertained for a long time preparing for and having a flood party... thanks for the idea as well as the continued prayers!

    Lilly, I keep thinking back to the fires your country suffered. I'd love to hear an update sometime. Thanks for thinking of us!

  7. Thank you friend, for your comments to me about my newest worry. Please try not to worry about me, I know you have enough to worry about right now without me adding to your worries! Stay safe dear friend! I anxiously await your updates on your weather situation and am praying you are able to return home soon!

  8. Vicky,
    When we were kids we played 'I spy' for hours...
    If you don't know the game it's taking a small object, a thimble, marble, or a dice and placing it strategically someplace in plain sight... then the other kids have to look for it without moving anything... just looking. When you find it you yell... "I spy with my little eye a thimble in the ...." Randy and David played this for hours trying to outdo eachother!!!
    If that doesn't work have Uncle Jimmy teach them cribbage!!! He's got to have a cribbage board doesn't he??
    With all the snow we've gotten and if the temps are as mild as here send them out to construct a snow fort...
    Hugs to you and the family and best of luck on beating those stuck inside blues...

  9. Thank you Kaleena! We will just have to take care of each other, now won't we? Trust me, my prayer list hasn't changed much, just expands from time to time.

  10. Brenda,

    everyone is coming up with such great ideas. We do play I spy but mostly in the car, so to do it in the way you suggested is pure genius!! And I'll bet we could find a cribbage board around here somewhere. Do you play? I wonder if we could get Grandpa going on teaching us the game. And outside is always a good option :) Thanks for helping us fight the stuck-inside-blues!

  11. What a touching video. You will continue to be in my prayers.

  12. Thanks so much Libby! Every time you show up I am so honored.


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