Saturday, April 30, 2011

To Transcend

 Transcend:  a : to rise above or go beyond the limits of
b : to triumph over the negative or restrictive aspects of :

I was asked on Wednesday to come for milk break in Colton's second grade class.  A surprise was in the making and I didn't want to miss out.  Riley's mom, Karla, had purchased enough bracelets for Colton's entire class to wear one!  Colton beamed and my heart was beating with extra beats of pure joy.  

I've been more and more convinced that I am part of something bigger than myself.  I see proof of that every day.  Its in the emails I get from strangers, sharing their hearts with me.  The checks that fill my mailbox, generous ones, that leave me with my jaw dropping.  

When sweet "A" from Colton's class, who is mostly nonverbal, and has his own para, but loves Colton with all his heart, watches Colton throw his arms around me, and quickly rushes to the other side and wraps his arms around me smiling and looking up at me- I know he feels it too.  He could never articulate to us what was going on, just that even he, knew love when he felt it.  Mrs. Larson grabbed the camera and captured the moment and its one shared between her and I that we'll never forget.  She has already requested that "A" and Colton be in the same class again next year, for the third year in a row.  

Thank you Karla and the entire Swenson family!  We were so touched by your generosity!

Behind the scenes, making the meat Friday, for the spaghetti dinner on Sunday.  These are all the details I am largely being kept out of.  But thank you Curt for giving me a sneak peak.  I know everyone in this picture has been doing little else than "benefit work and planning" for the last month or so.  I can only imagine, the hours upon hours, and the sleepless nights spent planning and preparing.

Poor Curt, someone always gets stuck with the dishes, now don't they?  Thanks Kim, Sara, Curt, Amy and Jeff!

This photo came early today entitled "Five strong women; we are here for you!"  

And that they are.  Thank you Stacy, Katie, Suzanne, Tami, and Mary!

See what I mean?  This is way bigger than me.  

The very first book club book we read was The Middle Place, by Kelly Corrigan.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer and after just a few treatments was told her father had prostate and bladder cancer.  She weaves a poignant, funny, gripping tale of what it is like to both be battling cancer as you watch a parent fight their own battle with cancer.  

I promise, this video of a speech she has done, will inspire you, its worth the full 5 minutes.  

With all of you, all of this behind me, so much bigger than me, how can I not transcend?  


  1. Dear Vicky,

    I love coming here.

    My second grade teacher, the one who encouraged me to become an author someday, was Miss Larson. :)

    I met Kelly Corrigon here in Fargo in the fall. Wish you could have been sitting beside me at that. It was a delight, since I was in the first row, and Kelly sat next to me for a bit and we chatted a while. Her stories are very poignant.

    And you, too, are finding beautiful ways to express yourself. Thank you! And see you soon. :)

  2. You can, you ARE ... and, you are showing us how to as well. Thank YOU, Vicky.

  3. What I love is when you post pictures of those around you, the helpers! Look at the faces of the helpers! They are always so full of love and joy, they are working with purpose and it always shows in their faces.

    You did that. Your life, the way you are in the world created that. How powerful is that!

    Transcending, indeed!

  4. The lump in my throat has affected my fingers ... how every powerful all of this is.

  5. Oh are so very right. This is so much bigger than you and I remember that feeling well and spoke those same words more than once as I watched in wonder at the provision we received. Our great God is in every detail and He delights in you and your willingness to trust in Him with all your heart. Praying always..Deb

  6. Looking at your struck me so strongly. So many people love you Vicky! Remember, love wins.

    Thank you for the surprise card that showed up in the mail. Very thoughtful.

  7. Vicky, your posts are like gifts to my soul. Thank you!

    You are so right that you will transcend and your spirit and life are helping us all in countless ways.

    Kelly Corrigan's words were amazing and heartfelt. Thank you.

  8. that colton with the sideways look and sweet smile. he's got his mama in him...

  9. so sweet vicky....all of it !

    i loved the middle place and i have loved listening to kelly read any of her excerpts from that book....what a voice. what a writer.


  10. Tearfully I read your blog.
    And pray for a full recovery.

  11. Yep. You're right. That was SO worth the time. I haven't heard anything so poignant and perfect since I last read you. I may pick that up from You Tube and repost one day after I've heard it ten more times. I don't want to lose that - ever.

    Keep fightin' like a girl, Vicky. No one does it better.


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When you get lucky

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