Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Off I go to fight like a girl...

I thought I'd start off my "Fight Like a Girl" gallery of photos with a couple of my own family! I'll be back later to upload a couple of others that are tagged on facebook!

I'm going to today with the knowledge that prayers are both being said and answered. I heard late yesterday I am in the experimental arm of the study! Now I don't whether or not I will get itchy, rashy arms and legs or neuropathy, but side effects and toxicity are the price we pray in the fight against cancer. I believe this is the "Hard Eucharisteo" that Ann Voskamp writes about, and believe me I am looking for the thanksgiving in all of this, even chemo.

Thanks for surrounding me with prayers, and good thoughts and love.

I'm loving you all right back, and blushing a little at the same time.


  1. Go get em' sister! You are going to show them who is boss. By the way you look terrific! Love that the new color at Reinertsen for boys will be pink. Lots of love and prayers sent your way!!! xoxoxo

  2. You go girl!!... You really do look terrific - prayers and healing thought coming your way from Connecticut....

  3. Love these pictures of the Sun streaming over your shoulders.

    Prayers are with you!

  4. Good luck today! We'll be thinking about you and sending lots of love your way!!

  5. Many thoughts and prayers are going right along with you today, Vicky! And remember that God is holding your hand too.

    Hugs! Eileen

  6. Sending positive thoughts your way everyday, Vicky.

  7. I love this picture of you, with the sun streaming through like a ray of power!!

    Yay to experimental arms!
    Yay for beautiful children!
    Yay for answered prayers!

    Let's keep them coming!

  8. Yep... that sun streaming through the window is streaming just for you! Go get em!!


  9. and our love and prayers go with you ... as the sunshine on your shoulder

  10. Go Vicky Go!! Love you :) All my prayers and positivity are heading your way every day!

  11. You are beautiful. And I am praying for you!

  12. Hi Vicky,

    I sm so happy that you became the chance in the study. I think everything day to you and wish you only the best. Your personally Guardian Angel will always be on your side.

    Hugs from Germany

  13. Vicky,
    A technologically challenged cousin here to say hello and apologize for not reaching out to you sooner. For as much time as I spend in front of a computer every day, facebook and blog just aren't in my vocabulary-til now. I do want you to know that Mark and I have been thinking about you every day, reading every word of your blogs (THANK YOU THANK YOU) and wishing only the best for you, Rick and the boys. Hang in there, stay strong and know that good things happen to good people.
    Love from Ramsey, MN Mark and Cherri Ziarnik

  14. Hi Cherri, its great to see you show up here :) Thanks for your well wishes! You all make me feel like I can get up and do it all over again the next day with all of your support. Thanks for walking this journey with me and for figuring out blogger too :) love and blessings to you and Mark!

  15. So glad you are in this treatment and experimental trial. It certainly seems like God placed you right at this doorstep. And I love the other necklace, too. Praying....praying......VERY hard eucharisteo. I'm starting my journal today. I've been writing it in my head and you just inspired to quit thinking, "I'm going to" and do it NOW. I forGET things too easily and there is WAY to much to forget. Love you.


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