Thursday, April 21, 2011

Love in action

Dear God,

I have turned into a not-so-quick-to-cry-lately kind of gal. But you oughta warn a girl when you are about to unleash a tidal wave of blessings in her direction! When I opened this CD chock full of images from the decorate a pink purse for the Vicky Westra Benefit night?  Instant tears! How could I not? Look at ALL the people? Older kids mixed in with small ones. Moms and even some Dads. Just about every boy from Nolan's Squirt A hockey team was there.  And tons of kids from many of the other levels of hockey were well represented.

And they're making pink purses!  For me!

This wave of support God, is like when the tide comes in from the ocean.  You run further and further back, letting the water lap at your feet, till suddenly a big wave catches you off guard, and soaks you good!  And you can only jump back and shriek both because you didn't see it coming, and because you couldn't know it would make you feel so good!    Amen

*sigh*  Sending love to you all- you sure know how to make a girl's heart feel full.

* This is just a small sample of the purses they made and of the photos I was sent.  I tried to include as many kids and purses as I could.  


  1. WONDERFUL!!! Look at all those smiles. Rejoice in all that love!!! GO GO GO PINK!!

    Love the photos Vicky :)

  2. I was going to say the same thing....Vicky that little pumpkin is precious!
    We took picks this morning with our bracelets! I will email them small feet with Brady being involved. Love you!

  3. The kids had a really good time and were excited to be able to do their part to help out. It was great just being there watching them make the purses look as best as they could as well as listening to what all they had to say. Just goes to show that the kids think your a pretty special person too!

    Love ya!!

  4. It is wonderful to see how much you are loved and appreciated Vicky!!! SO ADORABLE to see those little boys decorating pink purses - only for you, I'm sure!

    Hope the treatments aren't too rough and that you have some Belleruth Naparstek visualizations about chemotherapy working along with your immune system to conquer the cancer, to listen to!

  5. I agree with Bonnie! So wonderful to see this love and goodness pouring out for someone who is so good and deserving.

    I love the way all the boys are working with pink! What a great lesson for them.

    Be good to yourself.

  6. That's so awesome Vicky! I bet it does your heart good to have so much support.

  7. Vicky you are so loved, and have so many people in your corner. those squirt hockey players are little fighters, not afraid of pink, bless their little hearts. hugs to you.

  8. Great pictures Vicky. Love the pink purses....lots of caring going around in Moorhead, MN!!!!

  9. Beautiful and how empowering for them to know they CAN do something! Lessons for a lifetime! Yay!!!

  10. So so so good to see the creation by god's best creation. I love to enjoy this kind of photography of children.


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