Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The bottle on the window sill

This little cutie got off the school bus the other day with the best news.

Mom, he yelled across the street where I am sitting with Darla in our lawn chairs, guess what

What honey?  

They are having a banquet for you on Sunday!  For you mom!  

I'm chuckling to myself, as I say Colton, I think its called a "benefit."  

Yeah, thats it, he says, and Grace's mom is in charge of the whole thing!

Yes, Grace's mom, Sara,  has done so much Colton, and so have lots and lots of other people.

Mom, do you think we can go?  Grace will be there too!

I'm laughing now as I tell him, yes Colton, I think we should go!  

Yeah, he says, turning a tad pink.  I think its well established Grace and Colton have a thing for each other- its only a second grade "thing," but its still a pretty cute "thing." 

Hey Mom, think they'll have food there?

Thats my boy, I think, always worried about what he will eat!  Yes, I tell, him, there will be spaghetti to eat.

If possible, his voice now goes an octave higher, Spaghetti!!  Mom, thats my favorite thing!! Mom, I'm so excited to go! 

He races off into the house as Darla and I burst out laughing.  Just wait till he sees all that they have planned for us.  

Oh the innocence of second grade.  

I wish I could bottle it in a jar and keep it on my window sill and sprinkle it on myself every now and then for good measure.  

So this is Teri, and with her is Mark.  Since Mark doesn't have a fb account, he agreed to this picture with Teri and she sent it to me.  He was one of the ones I noticed at church wearing his bracelet.

This pretty card was so exquisitely made, and the cd is filled with music and singers I love, I was extremely touched to receive this from Kelly, a new blog friend.  Thank you friend!  So thoughtful, and it will get a ton of use! 

So these mysteriously showed up at my door when I was out for a walk.  Just a note from a "soon to be survivor," to another "soon to be survivor."  I wonder if I'll ever know who it was?  But they're the perfect thing for a girl who loves sparkle! 


  1. That is so cute! Can't wait for your "banquet"! :)

  2. Why do I feel so good after I visit your blog? It has to be that you are such a dispenser of hope and joy Vicky!

    Do gather up a good portion of it for yourself.

  3. Vicky, as a fellow mother of a second-grader, I'm totally feeling it! I love it, and like you, wish I could bottle it up. Oh, it's so sweet and such a blessing to have a second-grade boy with a cheerful nature. Life is good! Life is better with them around!

    My guy was invited to a birthday party on Sunday, so won't be with me at the big event. I'm hoping my girls will be with me. The boys will be going in a different direction to make it to the party on time. It's a busy day for us, but I'm looking forward to seeing you! (We'll be there in the final hour, and I don't expect any special attention; I know you'll be on overload, but I hope you enjoy it too!)

    Hugs from across the river!

  4. Can we go?!
    Love that!

    How much joy in one face, in one happy conversation. Bonnie is right, I always feel better after visiting here.

    You are amazing!

  5. Very cute, Vicky!! Your sons need to bottle those smiles too :) Handsome, handsome, handsome...

    I got the Beatles in my head now: Love, love, love,

    love, love, love,

    love is all you need...

  6. I can't wait to hear about your banquet!!! Love your description of Sweet Colton!

  7. Can you bottle that smile too?...

    What a special gift, those sparkly earrings, from one survivor to another.

  8. I would love to see Colton with his true love...
    I am so glad you are receiving so much love and support!!!

  9. God is so good...He keeps filling you up!

  10. The Lord has brought you to mind several times throughput the past few days. I live on the other sidenof the country but I have been reminded to press in and pray. I believe God is up to joyfully and live expectantly!!!

  11. Exuberance and joy SHOULD be bottled. You come very close by writing about it to keep FOREVER!


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When you get lucky

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