Friday, April 15, 2011

"If we are there..."

Having slept most of the day away yesterday and generally feeling kinda cruddy, my whole day turned around in back to back moments last night.

Well, first there was a pizza that arrived from the McNab family... thanks Steph, sorry you weren't feeling well, hope to see you soon!

Then there was a knock at the door that brought the PTAC President from our elementary school and the PTAC Treasurer to our door.  They had placed this sign at Family Fun Night at the school at one of the game rooms and brought over a couple of checks for me.  Yeah, they pretty much brought me to tears on the spot.  They were extremely. generous. gifts.  Wow.  I was literally weak in the knees.  Thank you Suzanne, Brian, Jackie, and the rest of the committee members.  We are deeply grateful.

My third (seriously, who gets 3 surprises in one day?) surprise happened as I looked out the window last night.  A black SUV pulled up and out jumped one girlfriend after another.  It took a minute for me to realize, it was the girls from my book club!  They came bearing pink bows to hang on my house and a few other places in the neighborhood.  

Heidi and Amy wearing their bracelets! 

The whole book club, minus only one girl (who sent me a card today) Pretty amazing.  At first I thought I had missed book club.  But they said no.  They had gathered at a neighborhood bar, tied their bows, and then came to my house.  Oh, and they said they had also talked a little about the book.  See what I mean, they had book club!

Thank you Heidi, Pam, Shauna, Amy, Jen, and Heidi.  

It was both cold, and windy outside.

But the bows looked great this morning!

Even against the background of snow!

The bracelets for breast cancer pics keep rolling in!  This is Mary, who is the mother of Amy in the pics above.  Mary is from Grand Forks, ND.

And we have our first cat, Myron sporting the bracelet around his neck!    Karla, Morgan and Myron from Paige, ND...  my boys absolutely loved this one.  Go Myron!

Deb, from Iowa, in honor of her sister Julie, with her in the photo below, who passed away at age 36 from breast cancer, and in honor of her friend Karla 32 who is battling the disease and beating it!   Too young... way too many women and way too young. 

Keep the pics coming! 

So many of you have inquired about the silver hand stamped fight like a girl necklaces that we will provide a link to Joy who has graciously offered to make some to raise funds for me as well.  Stay tuned... more to come.

I love story people and have one emailed to me daily.  Thought I'd share this one from Brian Andreas:

They left me
with your shadow,
saying things like
Life is not fair

& I believed them
for a long time.

But today,
I remembered
the way you laughed
& the heat
of your hand
in mine

& I knew that
life is more fair
than we can
ever imagine
we are there to live it

I say live your moments everyday, live your moments.


  1. Vicky! You are quite possibly the coolest girl I know! Keep up the fight and the blog posts always inspire me! Stay strong! Praying for you and your family!


  2. LOVE this story. And yes... live your moments, all of them... not just the best of the best.

  3. How awesome to have so many girlfriends there to help you with your fight! Love the pictures of them....prayers to you and your family!


  4. Awesome poem Vicky!

    Love all that pink wrapping around you and supporting you. Beautiful story :) Hugs...

  5. You have the neatest friends ... which says a good deal about you!

  6. Wow, what great photos Vicky. I'm glad you enjoyed the night with your lady friends.

  7. Your network of friends is awe inspiring. A life with good friends is truly a rich one!

    Continued prayers for you treatment.


  8. WOW Vicky, I am really blown away but the amount of support you have from family, friends and your community. This must give you great comfort and strength to fight and get better. Sorry I haven't been around, it doesn't mean that your and not in my thought and prays. I just don't have the time for blogging currently, so much going on.

    PS: I love the photo of you and your family in the benefit poster (below post) it is so beautiful.

  9. I love how your community of friends has come together for you through this. Stay strong!

  10. It's wonderful to see you have so much support! Keep up the fight... Prayers continuing on a daily basis.

  11. Vicky, you have friends coming out of the woodwork everywhere! Incredible. Am I surprised? Not a bit! But it's really fun to witness this from over here.

    I have our "date" marked down. I hope it still works for you.

    The pink bows are just gorgeous!

    Wishing you a good week ahead, friend.

  12. Just have the MOST unbelievable friends and who could deserve them more.......?


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When you get lucky

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