Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Princess for a day...

there came a moment in the middle 
of the song (benefit) when she suddenly felt every 
heartbeat in the room & after that she 
never forgot she was part of something much bigger

Story people Brian A.

Oh my word, where do I begin?  I've had over 24 hours now and I still can't quite believe it all.  Pinch me please.  But first I have to tell you the day started off with snow! Seriously, can we start just one month without snow?  This is the 8th month in a row we have had snow!  

But where I will really start is with my family...  see them below, some family I have huh?  Yeah well let me explain.  See we aren't related in any way.  But the name of our family is hockey and that says a lot right there.  So when one of us is knocked down?  The hockey family is the first to step up and not just ask what they can do, they just do.  And they've been "doing" almost since the day I was diagnosed.  They formed a committee, they lost a lot of sleep, they formed a tight bond, and to listen to them bicker and joke with each other?  Well yeah, I'd say they became a family.  And I became the luckiest girl in the world because of them.  

They decked out the gym in all pink and all pretty.

Amy and Nancy set the pink purses in hockey pucks as decorations on the table!  The details they came up with are so clever and cute and they didn't forget a thing.  I know these two have worked on so many projects and I couldn't tell you half of them.  But I could see their artistic touches everywhere.

Sara works at the hockey office and I know without her help on that end, so much of this would not have been possible.  By the way, Sara, is also the mom of "Grace," Colton's "friend."  

Riley is on your left, and Grace, is on your right.  My son has excellent taste and now that Sara has event planning down,  do you think planning a someday wedding could be in our future?  

More of my family, Rachel and the rest of her crew.  Rachel hosted the first party for me at her home and has not stopped with her amazing support!!  How cute are those boys?? 

Susan on your left is not part of the hockey family, but she is still a part of OUR family, well because we all love her!  And Nikki on the right, was still vacuuming and cleaning floors at 8:30 last night, hours after the event.  That would be our Nikki, beautiful on the inside and out. Thank you girls!

This is Kim, who might be younger than me, but really she is like a big sister to me. She is the one you turn to when you need pretty much anything.  So when I told her I was sick, she pretty much got busy taking care of me, my family, and everyone else.  I can't begin to tell you how much she has done, because she won't even tell me half of it.  But I know I couldn't do this without her. 

These lovely ladies, are 1/2 of our book club, although all of the girls were there!  How lucky am I that they would care so much, the entire book club would come and pitch in and help.  They've decorated my house, sent me gift cards (for books of course!) and volunteered at the event yesterday... and way more things I don't even know about I am sure.  Best. Book. Club. Ever.

All of these photos came from Amy as I sit editing all the rest my father-in-law took... many more to come

Wow, seriously from 2pm till 6pm, nonstop people.  The line for the food wrapped around the whole outside wall. Everyone raved about how good the food was!  If someone has a photo of the food, please send one my way!!

All of the tables were filled with auction items.  I never did make it to all the tables to see everything.  I just know there was a lot of bidding and lots of happy people.  Such cool stuff everywhere,  it was a great day for some competitive shopping! 

And done!  Bidding closed! 

Amy and Kim said they had something for me.  Remember when I said I would be all twinkly like a princess?  Well, wait till you see what they got me.

Shauna from book club and Mary, Amy's mom who hung out for two days helping with everything! How cool is the hockey net headboard?  Nolan was simply drooling and it was a hard sell for him that WE were not bidding on anything.

Now when the idea of a guest book came up, who would have thought I'd get a "scrapbooked" and personalized book.  Nancy, (photo 4 above) made it for me, and I can't wait to get my hands on it! 

So when I said I felt like a princess, Amy and Kim delivered everything fit for a princess.  From a tiara, to princess balloons, to glass slippers and a wand.   And oh how I wish I could wave it over the top of the church and grant just one wish for each person there.  Because everyone deserves a day like mine, where they are loved on in such a way, they will never quite be the same again.

Perhaps all the dragons of our lives
 are princesses who are only waiting 
to see us once beautiful and brave.

Rainer Marie Rilke

So this is my story.  I'm just a girl who had a bad thing happen to her.  Breast Cancer is both the worst thing that has happened to this girl, but also the thing that has delivered some of the biggest blessings.  Her hockey family made her princess for a day, through many long hours of their blood, sweat, and tears.  They raised a lot of money for her medical bills, but mostly they showered her with love.  They SAW her that day, as they do every day, just a girl who will keep fighting the fight, standing up to cancer and calling herself blessed beyond measure.

Big, big thank you's go to all of the sponsors!!  

Food Services of America
Andy Johnson
Speak Easy
Mosaic Foods
Cass Clay Creamery
Pan O'Gold
Dakota Growers
Randy Evavold
Chad McCaslin Agency
Cash Wise Foods
SunMart Foods
Lutheran Church of the Good Sheperd

Tuesday is chemo day.  But please know I have more pre-benefit photos to share from another amazing night, and many more of everyone who attended the benefit.  I may have to lay low for a couple of days, but will return as soon as possible.  


  1. I cannot imagine anyone more deserving of such an outpouring of love and support. Soak it up into every cell - it has magic and healing in it!

    Hope the next few days are not too difficult. I'll be sending you love across the miles. :)

  2. Such a great event, I think they could start a business planning these. :)

  3. Oh Vicky I thought of you and the benefit many times on Sunday praying it would be a success! So wonderful to see the first pictures of such a wonderful day. Will be lifting you up tomorrow as well. Love.

  4. WHAT AN AWESOME EVENT!!! I'm so happy that all that love was pulsating through that amazing room of lovely people who love you and your family so much!!! You look very pretty, just like one of Jillian's favorite princesses. My Dad always said to me to fight that inner dragon and you know what? You're a princess on a mission and no dragon has a chance with you leading the charge of all of us in your calvary. I got my bracelet today and I'm wearing it every day. Each person I meet here in NY, I tell them your story. Their prayers are going up with all those hundreds and hundreds of prayers that go up for you each day. Prayer is a mover of mountains. Vicky, positive energy will constantly surround you and lift you up. Hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs...

    P.S. I'll post my picture of me wearing the bracelet soon!!! Love you - Kelly

  5. I have one word for this...WONDERFUL! The warmth and love that your hockey family is enveloping you with will be there to lift you up as you continue on this journey. You are blessed!

    Hugs! Eileen

  6. That you have friends like this - AND SO MANY OF THEM - says only one thing: You ARE a friend like this and more. This doesn't happen by accident. All you are and all you've done is coming back to you in spades. You've sown blessings and now people want to pour out blessings from Heaven on you. So glad it was a huge success and loved getting to see the pictures and the dear, sweet faces of your angels on earth!

    I'll be praying for tomorrow's trials. Love you!

  7. You deserve every bit of love and attention. I continue to keep you in my prayers, and pray for a complete healing for you. Keep the faith. Loads of love :)

  8. I am in awe of the AMAZING people we call 'family'! I am in awe that amidst all that was going on that night and what you go through daily...you are always the picture of GRACE!! You always look at the big picture! We left that night and Tommy said "Wow Mom there were a lot of people there" I said "this is a good lesson in having a servant heart and in community" Tom quickly corrected me and said "no its a lesson in family, the non biological kind and support" SO TRUE!!

  9. Wow! What a great group of friends.
    Americans are just so kind and thoughtful to do things like this.
    Congratulations on jobs well done!!

  10. Look at all the love.

    Hoping the next few days aren't too terrible, thinking of you -

  11. What an awesome outpouring of love and support for such a wonderful you!

  12. What love! What power in these pictures, Vicki. Thank you for being you and sharing this with us. I want a sweater and a pair of shoes just like yours~

  13. Thank you for sharing your pics of your princess day! I am praying for you as you enter chemo world!

  14. Vicky, I'm so happy I got another hug in, and was able to take part in your special and VERY PINK day! It was beautiful. But it was beautiful mainly because YOU were there. :) Thanks for allowing me a peek at this amazing family of yours. I'm happy just to be on the fringes watching it all, and cheering you on with all my heart.

  15. P.S. I took one picture at the event OF THE FOOD! So make sure you stop by my blog and grab it from there. Let me know if you want me to send it through email for better quality.

  16. thank goodness i do not wear mascara regularly, because every.single.time i visit this blog i find tears welling. tears of happiness because you are being carried so high on the shoulders of friends who are DEMONSTRATING with great effort how much they love you. tears of comfort, knowing that as you are walking the beginning steps of this journey, there are many who are insistent on walking with you. tears of joy for the REALITY that you can walk into the unknown because HE has sent them to be HIS hands and feet, a very present HELP in this time of trouble. it's so moving to witness, and i too am overwhelmed with you and for you. thank you GOD for creating COMMUNITY.

    thinking of you today as you are 2 days post chemo.


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