Friday, April 1, 2011

Girl power and breast cancer

"Not to live for the day,
that would be materialistic, but to treasure the day.
I realize that most of us live on the skin, on the surface
without appreciating just how wonderful it is
simply to be alive at all."  Audrey Hepburn

These women came together to celebrate the end of hockey season.  To eat tasty and delish foods.  To tell stories and commiserate.  To giggle, and laugh.  To leave the kids home with dad for one night and let him deal...  and to invade Rachel's lovely home.

But this wasn't just an end of the hockey season celebration.

They came wearing pink.  They came by the car load till we were bursting at the seams with women. And they all brought their huge and generous hearts.  

They donned boxing gloves and stood in front of a pink door, standing with me in the fight against breast cancer.  

We got tough and feisty... fighting like girls, like women really.

Some were so tough, I am just glad SHE was on MY side.  I do think there is a little "please don't really hit me" look to my eyes.

We cheered and celebrated what the end of the journey will look like.

And we hugged...

and held on...

and strengthened our bonds of friendship, of sisterhood really.

And these hockey moms, friends, sisters really, showered me with gifts, nourished my frazzled mind, fed my weary body and soul, and infused my battered heart with courage, and strength.  They made me feel like I mattered.  Like somehow I'd won the lottery.  
  Because when we weren't doing photos by the pink door?  They were downstairs, bidding on items donated for a silent auction.  And they were generous and amazing bidders.

Amy put her talents to work and created this canvas, and I can hardly look at all the encouragement on it without tears spilling from my eyes. 

And the coup de grĂ¢ce, or the "blow of mercy?"  was when I realized the song they had requested at karaoke later that night, was none other than Obla di, Obla da.   And praying my can't-carry-a-tune-in-a -bucket kind of singing didn't burst any ear drums, I graciously accepted the mike and sang along with the rest of them.  

I chose the word Alive for my year to guide me.  Last night I realized, the epitome of being alive, was choosing me.  The tears I shed this morning, weren't for all the days I may one day miss, but for all the ones I may have wasted by " living on the skin," as Audrey says, not fully alive.  

My sweet husband has put a button at the top of my blog for anyone who might like to purchase one of the hockey lace bracelets made by one of our hockey moms, Pam.  They are 5 dollars plus a little for shipping costs and a portion of those funds are coming back to me for medical expenses. Already today, 22 orders have come in!

I'm still feeling well, and we are revisiting the idea of a trip to the Mayo clinic.  My doctor thought getting a second opinion was a great idea and is helping facilitate just that.  More updates later... I'll share with you what happens when you discover you really are a bit claustrophobic in the MRI scanner...

Love and blessings to you all!

PS. I will pick a winner of the book later and let you know who won sometime this weekend!!


  1. PINK RULES!!! What a beautiful night of love and friendship :)

    I just ordered my bracelet. I can't wait to get it :) Love you...

  2. Thatis some team you have standing with you,behind you, etc. I just loved the pictures! And all they did for you?. .. Well, it's just plain old love in action, isn't it.

    I keep forgetting things to tell you. . . like close your eyes real tight when you go into the MRI scanner and don't EVER open them again until they say it's over. And since I am a counter, I just start counting from #1 to whatever it takes to get it over with. I think they should have blindfolds for that thing. It's the same for a PET scan. Just keep 'em closed!

    I pray you have a good weekend. Enjoy Every un-stinkin'-believable moment of it!!!!!!

    Always praying for you, girl! Keep those gloves up, and if it's pink, eat it, wear it, kick it, hit it, burn it, smell it, pick it, etc.

  3. PS: Just ordered 2 bracelets! I will be honored to wear it throughout this whole journey of yours. My sister did for me and I will for you!

  4. What an amazing group of ladies! I am ordering bracelets for my girls, myself, and Kimmy too! Much love Vic can't wait to see you!

  5. Can't wait to get our bracelets, all 5 of them,,me, Russ, Matti, Ali and an extra for whomever wants it! Great idea and good job Rick for getting the ez order out there! Love you all! The Nelsons

  6. If you ever doubted it before, you must surely know it now:

    * you are loved
    * you matter
    * you are worthy
    * on every level you are and deserve to be alive

    How blessed you are to have so many tangible demonstrations of the above truths.

  7. You are very blessed with great girlfriends. It makes me feel good that you will be welltaken care of by all your friends.

    Love the pink. Thinking of you Vicky.

  8. I'm still so bummed I couldn't go....oh well. I was there in spirit. Also, I want a bracelet. Can I just order mine thru you or do I need to go thru the link?

  9. I just came here from Susan's blog and read many of your posts since your diagnosis. Keep up the good fight - you already know that many are, and many more will be, praying for you.

    "Thou wilt keep him/her in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee."

    God bless you and your family, and the doctors' efforts.

  10. You have awesome and amazing friends... Good luck on your journey. I had round 3 chemo yesterday. My aunt found your blog and sent it to and I think your awesome. And I totally recommend the mayo clinic for 2 nd opinion and peace of mind...

  11. hello Vicky, I'm so sorry to found out about you through Susan's blog...and read you have breast cancer.I'd rather found out about you without the illness. It's been hard on my family too the cancer it the only thing I can do is sending out the warmest softest prayers ever and spread them over our globe. Hope they fly into your home and heal.
    Be well my friend.
    Gentle Hugs ever Dagmar

  12. Awesome friends!! You're surrounded with people like this because you are just as awesome.

    I love that quote by Audrey - so true. I try to remind myself of this often.

  13. Just found you through Karen at This Old House 2 blog. I will be keeping you in my prayers. What a powerful message you are sending. Fight like a Girl!!

  14. I'm here from Susan's beautiful blog Vicky.
    Please know I will be praying for you. I'm so glad you have such a wonderful group of supporters. Just add me to the list.

  15. You have such a great group of friends!!! I'm so glad you have so many great women around for you to lean on. Miss you!

  16. between your real life friends and your blogging friends, you'll be surrounded with more love and prayers and fighting than you ever could have imagined !!!

    hugs to you.....

  17. What an awesome picture of all of you and it just radiated to me all the love in room!

    God Bless

  18. Hey, Vicky, what fun! And I even recognized a few faces from the hockey moms circle. Very cool!

    I want a bracelet, too! You have such beautiful, thoughtful, creative friends.

    And that Audrey quote, yeah. Living on the skin...that's new but I'm going to borrow that. It's so true and so visual. Just don't feel too regretful, Vicky. We can always start from today. Sometimes I get consumed in regret too when I realize how long it took me to figure some things out. But then I realize, well, I did figure them out, so I am living more fully now. And some people never have a chance to do that. Not even for a day. So we are very lucky!

    I'll be hanging with you here, Vicky, until we can get together in person. XXXOOO pretty lady!

  19. I just read back to the day you got your diagnosis, and I will admit it, I am in tears. I am sad that you have to go through this, and I am cheering you on.
    And praying for you.

  20. I LOVE fight like a girl :) I always say to people, "Buck up and take it like a woman." :) So happy you are so well loved.

  21. It's really wonderful to feel the outpouring of love coming your way. You bless us all by sharing your experiences.

  22. Coming over from Susan's blog to wish you all grace as you fight this battle. Love the Audrey Hepburn quote...

    Praying for you. All SHALL be well.

  23. Susan is a blogger friend, and I followed her link to your blog. You are an amazing woman with an amazing support group. I am praying for you!

  24. My prayers for you continue..I hope you heal real soon. Miracles happen and one is just about to happen in your life too! Loads of love

  25. I LOVE what these beautiful women are doing for you and with you. God bless you and ALL OF THEM! Of COURSE I'm buying a bracelet! LOVE YOU! PRAYING!!!!


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