Monday, April 18, 2011

How I am

Cruddy, its generally how I have been feeling, with a side of blech to boot. Its like morning sickness, that lasts all day, except theres no bouncing boy expected 9 months later. But how I remember that queasiness, that anemia. I am working on building myself back up. I use the anti-nasuea drugs and have started some iron pills, so I will work my way out of this too. Besides, I am still giving thanks, Eacharisteo is still the way, even in abominable green smoothies, and fatigue that kicks tired to the curb most days of the week.

Plus, you all show up here and how can I not get out of bed to see? The photos, the gifts, the cards, the messages.

Baby Boden sporting his bracelet...

Hali wearing her bracelet, Hali is in the same class as Nolan

Leiton and Hali wearing their bracelets. Leiton plays baseball with Colton, and Boden is in the background.  Could they be any cuter?

Beautiful Robin from All Things Heart and Home, with her precious granddaughter Lucy, all the way from the ATL.  Love u right back Robin.

What do you call it when the top book on your wish list at Barnes and Noble, is handed to you by a friend who found it at the thrift store, for 1 dollar?  Grace, divine Grace I'd say.  Good stuff.

My first attempt at a green smoothie.  It had kale, spinach, dandelion greens, blueberries, a little orange juice and a dash of stevia.  Blech... I think I got the ratio wrong.  Too much veggie for not enough fruit.  Will try again and let you know.  Proud of my boys though, they all 3 took 1 big gulp and then proclaimed it putrid.  

For none other than my pure amusement I think, its been snowing again, almost daily.  And the poor robins just don't know what to do with themselves.  This pregnant round girl just sat in the snow on the railing.  I'm pretty sure that is exasperation on her face.  Oddly, I know just how she feels...

From  A.A. Milne...

My brother and his family are here so I am off to enjoy some time with them...  Thank you for continuing to show up here and for making me feel like I matter.  


  1. I can relate to the pregnant Robin, your green smoothy needs some serious fruit infused in it, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of the pictures of people showing their love for you. Have a good visit with your brother and PLEASE REST LOTS!

  2. You matter more than words could every say ...

  3. I love the picture of the robin! I felt the same way as she did this morning waking up to more snow.

    Hope you feel better very soon and that the smoothie thing gets better tasting. We all want to see you but don't forget to rest when you need it, we all understand.

    And you do matter, you mean so much to so many people. Love ya!!

  4. Hi every way. I'm so sorry you are having such rotten side-effects and then having to drink that "putrid" drink on top of it. I'm so glad you're juicing/smoothie-(ing?) :) I wanted to tell you to be careful with raw kale. A little once in awhile is fine but raw kale can suppress the thyroid. Better to have it lightly steamed or stir fried until limp. It changes it so the negative part doesn't affect you and brings out the good stuff! You know I can never mind my own business so I'll mind yours!

    I love my bracelet because it makes me remember to pray for you regularly and it reminds me you are surrounded by those who not only love you but CHERISH you. And that Robin? Of COURSE I have always loved that bird but I have never seen one in my yard in the 23 years I've lived here. I saw one for the first time last week. Now you write about this one. I'm just taking it as a sign that we are joined at the heart. Thinking of you SO SO often.

    Love You,


  5. I can picture the look on the three boys face when they took that big gulp. Did you get it on camera? LOL.

    You MATTER in a zillion ways to all of us and to this world :)

    Loved Eeyore's philosophy tidbit.

    Love you. I think I may have screwed up my bracelet order the first time. I'm going to try again. I can't wait to wear one for you :) Hugs - Kel

  6. Vicky, I remember reading about Echinacea being an immune booster for those fighting cancer. I do not know if you can take this but just wanted you to know. :0)

    “Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark.”

    Love ya! Eileen

  7. I am going to have to thank Robynn over at Robynn's Ravings for putting your updates out on FB.

    Green Smoothie...putrid no doubt! I hope you get the proportions fixed very soon!

    You attitude and you network of friends still amaze...

    We who look on are praying that you will continue to "Fight Like Girl"


  8. I don't think I need a taste to say YUK to that one! Add to it, the queezy stomach, etc., and I'm OUT OF THERE!

    I loved that Robin and the look on her face. I would have to think that she has one cold bottom, for sure. I wonder if she is seeing the bright side and thanking God for no earthquakes?????

    Another day down. Another day up! Keep marking them off, girl and the end will come. I promise!!!!

  9. Lovely post, even with the green smoothie. Did you actually drink it? All of it?
    Great photos of really cute children. Hang on--the morning sickness only lasts for a few months, maybe 9.

  10. You matter so much Vicky....think of you often and prayers are always there for you.....So strong and courageous....enjoy your time with your brother and his family........

  11. Oh, that smoothie looks wonderful!!
    Sending good thoughts your way.

  12. That does look like quite a GREEN drink....I'm thinking more fruit.

    Hope you have a nice time with your family. Hope your nausea gets better, I hate that feeling.

  13. oooooh yuck. more fruit... LOTS more fruit.

    Hope you're feeling better sooner rather than later - and oooh nooo..the snoooow!!?!?!

  14. hey sweetie....hang in there. but yikes, that smoothie would have sent me running....i hope you get the ratio right and fall in love with them...

    can i be a pain and ask where the info. is for the bracelets...i don't know why i'm not seeing it :(

  15. I happened upon your blog recently and am thinking of you constantly from out here in Massachusetts. Holding you in the Light.

  16. I hope the Green Smoothie tastes better than it looks.
    I am waiting for my bracelets!
    Praying for you!!!

  17. Hi! Yes you do matter!! and more than you know. And since when does whats good for you taste good eh? lol

    That sounds like a great smoothie so block your nose and gulp it down.
    You never know, you might develop a taste for it..
    I know before everything had to be salty for me but then I stayed off salt for a while and then I never missed it.

    You got some really good boys by your side there taking the journey with their Mom.
    God Bless them and you Vicky.

  18. Vicky I am thinking of you. I hate that you are feeling cruddy, but hopefully that medicine is working and killing those yucky cancer....whatever they are! :)

  19. I'm sorry you are feeling so yucky. Keep doing what you are doing and I just know you will feel better soon. OH! and I absolutely love Pooh. Boden has started watching Pooh videos and we both can't get enough. So innocent yet inspiring too? :)

  20. Sorry Vicky but that green stuff looks disgusting. Maybe you could just stick to blueberries and yogurt!

    Hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

  21. Boo for your days... :( I'm sorry...
    Hang in there I promise each day you will get a little bit more energy. It's been taking me a good solid week to kick my funky stuff off. Eat lots of protein to help with the fatigue, protein bars, shakes, meat etc...
    ewww and becareful with that drink its looks swampy... LOL :)
    Hang in there

  22. Vicky, Not sure if you got it, but I replied back to your comment on my blog. You are in my thoughts! I know someone who drinks green smoothies every day and I copied the recipe from her blog! Sorry to take up so much space, but wanted you to have a tastier green drink...I am sure you can change the ingredients, but maybe try these ratios! xo
    "Green Smoothie:

    3 full kale leaves, with stems, washed*
    1 inch square patch of wheat grass, washed*
    1–2 hand­fuls of spinach, washed
    1 frozen banana
    1 cup orange juice
    1/2 cup frozen straw­ber­ries
    1 tbsp. coconut oil

    Place ingre­di­ents in order listed into the con­tainer of a high power blender (tear the kale a bit). Process on high for 1 minute, scrap­ing down the inside of the con­tainer if necessary.

    Serves 2.

    *If you don’t have a high pow­ered blender (Vita-Mix or BlendTec), I rec­om­mend remov­ing the kale stems and omit­ting the wheat grass."

  23. Hey Vicky...

    We only know each other maybe in passing. I'm very involved in our children's PTAC. We may have met once or twice in years past. I've had the opportunity to get to know your boys as a para at the school. They are both wonderful. I subbed yesterday at the school and the student I had was in the same gym class as Colton. Colton and my student were partners for the fitness testing. Let's just say my student is not "athletic" by any means. But Colton was right there cheering him on and encouraging him. You should be one proud mama.
    You and your family are truly amazing and we appreciate all that you do for Reinertsen. Please know we are all thinking of you and praying for you to get better soon.
    God's Blessings...

    Amy Griego

  24. Vicky, I am praying for you and that morning sickness feeling!!!GRRR. That is the worst feeling!I pray you start feeling better and that God gives you some peace and time to visit and feel good during this recovery! Still going to post my bracelet..... FIGHT LIKE A GIRL! I can't wait to see you,soon! God Bless you my friend xoxox

  25. More fruit, yes!! In fact, more sweetness all around for you!

    Oh, this just defines hard. Keep up the great fight, you are doing so so so well! What strength you have!

    "Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle."
    --Christian Larsen

    Hugs and thoughts and prayers!

  26. Vicky you really do matter. I can just see the boys taking a drink of your smoothie. where is the information about the bracelets. have I just missed it. I know I read you are posting pics of people wearing them. Think of you often. That book looks like it should be interesting. have a good visit, hugs to you.

  27. Hey Vicky, I say id the disgusting green thing is meant to help then drink up girl. Chin Chin.
    Maybe take some advice from Mary Poppins - A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. :)

    Hey do you ship the bracelets to Australia. I'd love to buy one.

  28. Vicky, you are a strong person, just hang in there - I do believe 'this too shall pass'. Too bad the 'smoothie' couldn't LOOK a little more attractive, then maybe you could get past the taste..lolo You are blessed, just be strong. HUGS,


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