Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sunshiny day


There is beauty in simplicity.  

Today was really simple.  

And beautiful.  

The sun shined.  

An unknown but loud rock singer offered his rendition of "Living on a Prayer," in our driveway.  

The wind blew.  

But piggyback rides were in order anyway.  

The bikes, scooters and toys are still in hibernation in another location.  

But fun and amusement were had by all. 

Some days, when the sun shines, its all there for the taking.  

You don't contemplate anything.  

You just be.  


In the sun.  

And say a quick prayer for those who aren't outside with you.  

There is beauty in simplicity.  Today was really simple.  And beautiful.  The sun shined.  


  1. Is there anything better than smiles on little boy faces?

    Love that little rock star.

  2. What a beautifully written post, Vicky. :) I'm glad you got to share a gorgeous day with your boys.

  3. Hey there! Sorry to be such a stranger lately! I have been keeping up with you guys but I have not had time to leave comments! Life is starting to get back to normal for me, so I will be checking in more often and even posting more as well! Hope you are doing well.

  4. Gitz, you know those prayers are for you right? I'll not take enjoying a sunny day for granted... and I'm taking you with me outside :) Nope, nothing better than those smiles...

    Thank-you for the nice compliment Jill :)

    Tippa :) So glad to see you here and good to hear its settling into a bit of normal for you!

  5. families are fun and your boys seems like they fill your day with sunshine.
    God bless them and you. :)

  6. We've had a number of beautiful sun shining days...for which I am most grateful!
    Hope you have many of these day's to come.

  7. Vicky I love this post. You know what it felt like to me? Like Spring Fever!!!
    How happy the boys look!
    love to you~

  8. A Lady's Life, I can't locate your name, but thanks for stopping by and leaving comments :) I couldn't have said it better myself.

    Libby, thank you, I do hope for many more days like yesterday. Today was mostly clouldy... but next week is looking very warm :)

    Robin, spring fever is exactly what is going on!! Love ya Robin :)

  9. I want to jump through this screen and hug you.


    Thanks for feeling the sun for me.

  10. That was so JOYful and peaceful and sweet and simple. LOVED it. LOVE YOU. :)

  11. Awww Gitz, I am holding you to the hug, just maybe minus the computer screen :)

    Robynn, love ya too!

  12. My kids loved days like that and so did I.

  13. I'm savoring them Dr. John, they are already going by too quickly.

  14. What a beautiful day and family. May you always have your sunshine, simplicity and just be. Best wishes.

  15. Now that was a truly beautiful post Vicky. There is indeed beauty in just being. I love that rock singer in your driveway. Bon Jovi eat your heart out!! I hpe the sun keeps shining and glad things are all ok with you. Love your new profiel picture too!

  16. Mervat, thank you for your kind wishes :)

    Lilly, so glad to have you back :) Really, its not the same whenever a regular face disappears from here even for a small amount of time.

  17. The simple things in life, we all forgot just how special those times are!

  18. Sara, I think blogs are really good for helping to focus on some of those things :)


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