Thursday, April 9, 2009

Flood Preparations: Round 2

It started with a code red phone call last night. While I wasn't overly concerned as the river is still declining, a small part of you thinks, now what? But it was just a reminder that an earthen dike was going to be constructed on the avenue running past our house beginning at 7:00 pm last night. At the end of the call a brief mention was made of closing 40th avenue when the river gets back up to 36 feet. SWALLOW. How the heck would we get out of our subdivision? There are 3 ways out and 2 of those are blocked right now? I had watched a press conference in which they said, "some homes will be sacrificed to save many other homes." Would this be us? Your mind just begins to leap-frog with possibilities when given such limited information. 

I'm guessing I wasn't the only one leaping to conclusions however. Hence call number 2. Clarification. Only part of 40th avenue would be closed, and it wasn't our part.

A little before 7 pm,  I warned the boys about the trucks and then told them if they stayed with me I would walk down and take some pictures with them. It wasn't till we were on our way home that Nolan ran ahead and Colton followed. But Nolan looked, and Colton didn't. As my heart raced into my throat the dump truck driver coming from the cul-de-sac, stomped on his brakes and Colton, oblivious scooted across to safety on the other side. By the time he was home he knew he was in trouble. I did not contain myself, yelling at him. This morning I talked more calmly with him. He layed in bed with me as we talked about listening to mommy and that big trucks can't see little boys.

And then to see if I was getting through to him, I asked, "What do you think would happen if a truck did accidentally hit you?"

He calmly and somberly replied, "I'd be dead."

"Yes," I told him. "And then what?" I asked.

"And then I'd be sad." he said.

"Why would YOU be sad Colton?"

"Because then Nolan would get a Wii Fit."


"You know, like that girl when her sister died. Everyone was sad and they gave her a Wii Fit. And that would be no fair if Nolan got one and I didn't."

Ahhhhhh. Looks like I have some explaining to do.


  1. I love it! Some things are just beyond a five or six year old's little mind.

  2. Libby, how true! Would love to hear some that your kids have said.

    Bonnie, I've taken a page from your book as you are the master at capturing your kids and the hilarious things they say!

  3. OH my gosh Vicky, Hilairous!! Not about jumping in front of the truck obviously.
    I bet Nolan got excited!! Colton is SO adorable! Kids you got to love them!

  4. Katie, I don't think Nolan was paying close attention, either to the Wii conversation or the truck scare :) They both know how to crack me up alright.

  5. LOVE IT!~Oh the practical aspect to the childish brain. Makes perfect sense to me. And I love the image of you snuggling in bed having the "next day" rational talk. That is SO ME!! I wouldn't have spared the yelling in the moment, believe me. TWM and I just had a quiet time of reasonable talking late last night after stern lecturing several hours before. They are so on to me.

    Still praying for this crisis to pass without you having to leave again and no one losing homes.

  6. Kids hear things differently than we do. Kids see things differently than we do.
    I remember a Sunday School kid coming up and asking if I was a witch because I had a wart on my nose.
    I saw the Doctor the next day and had it removed.
    But in times like this they help one to stay sane.

  7. Robynn, so glad I am not the only one to have TWO talks with my kids sometimes:)

    Dr. John, so true on the perception of children! I am trying to cherish it every day. They do indeed keep us sane!!

  8. Oh I've been reading about the rising waters in your area.. here we go again.. do be safe.

  9. Welcome Shelby and thank you for your kind words. Yes, we will try to be safe!

  10. How scary. Stay away water!
    I LOVE the reason your little boy gave for not wanting to die. HILARIOUS!

  11. Vicky, you are going to look back on this "flood time" and marvel at all the good talks you've had with your boys! Gooood stuff.
    I love his innocent reasoning. Hug him for me I've said a prayer of thanks that he wasn't hurt...whew.
    And for the darn river to continue going down. Love to you!


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