Tuesday, April 21, 2009


MckMama just twittered that Stellan has been extubated and they are slowly waking him up and that she is just about to post.

I have to admit, I thought of becoming a Twit. Or a Tweeter. You know, sign up for Twitter. I saw Oprah do it last week, after Ashton Kutcher's big 1,000,000 plus following caught her attention. But, I'm just reluctant. I'm just not sure I want to have one more thing that I follow and update and read and take in. But I'll refrain from saying anything too critical about something I know so little about. So if and when I do decide to join in, I won't have to eat my words, or tweets, or what have you.

How about you? Do you twitter? If so, care to share with me what exactly I am missing out on?


  1. I fritter a bit but never twitter. Had a parrot once that twittered but that was before Twitter.
    A blog is more than enough for me.

  2. Oh Dr. John, I needed that laugh!

  3. Vicky: So good to hear about Stellan and oh, that poor baby with all he's been through, and those parents. Still praying.

    Twitter? Well, you know my take on this and I think my Tweets (almost typed teets - surely THAT can't be right?!) are very boring. I do not seek followers and am amazed when people who DON'T follow the blog find me and follow me. I'm up to a whopping 27 followers. Ashton is safe.

    I forget to do it half the time. And I set it up NOT to get alerts on my cellphone from other people who Twitter. Can you imagine? All you would do is look at your phone!!! I can send one OUT from my phone but, as I said, can't remember to do so. Geriatric Twittering. I'll soon be sending out messages that start with, "I was gonna tell you somethin'......"

    But if you sign up, I'll sign on! I'd love to follow you anywhere!

  4. Robynn, you crack me up so! Each of your comments is its own little post in itself! Love ya girl! Will take it under advisement :) Geriatric twittering, how you come up with this stuff !!!

  5. I just signed up for twitter myself, although I think I am going to follow others rather than send out my own tweets, I don't think I'd have too much to tweet about that would interest people :)

  6. Julie, that may be a good way to handle it :) Yeah, I don't think my trips to the store for milk would be too earth shattering :) Are you on FB yet?

  7. I can't seem to get my Twitty self together. I can balance Facebook and my blog with my daily life, and what would go in Twitter ends up in either or both of those places. It just seems like I'd be sort of reinventing the wheel if I joined Twitter. I have a Twitter account, actually, but I forgot the password and it just seems like too much trouble to figure it out when I'm not likely to use it.

    I guess I'm weird : )

  8. KLo, yes! That is sort of what I think would happen to me too. I think you just articulated my thoughts on the subject much better than I could :) Thanks!

  9. I so miss Twitter. I'm borrowing a laptop and for whatever reason it's blocked on it. I'd be lost without installing Tweetdeck anyway.

    Love it... not because I put up witty tweets [I really don't] but because some of the conversations are just a hoot. And instant. And someone is always on, even if I can't sleep at 3am.

    Yep, I'm a twit.

  10. How did I miss this from you Gitz? I am hopelessly lost as every one either for or against is making a good point :) Although more are saying its great to read tweets of others than to actually put stuff out there... you never know if one day I may make an appearance yet :)


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