Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Prayers for Stellan.

I'm proclaiming today "Stellan day."  As of 10:30 Monday night as I write this he is scheduled for surgery early Tuesday morning.  He is going to have an ablation done to his heart.  And MckMama really explains in great detail the intricacies of this delicate heart procedure.  I would encourage you to click the button on my sidebar for the latest news on Stellan and all of MckMama's explanation.

This scheduling of this surgery could change between now and tomorrow in the morning, but I'll update if that is the case.  Either way I know MckMama would appreciate any positive thoughts or prayers for Stellan today.  


I took this directly from MckMama's twitter feed: 

Stellan is sedated and intubated (he's on the ventilator, which is breathing for him), will be heading into surgery any minute now.  Its 7:21 am Tuesday morning, and she posted this 50 minutes prior.  

Update #2 As of 8:26 am MckMama's post reflects that Stellan is in surgery now and that someone will continue to update her site. The surgery will take about 3 hours.

Update #3 @ 10:50 am: MckMama's twitter feed:

Yes it's been over three hours, no I haven't heard any update at all. 17 minutes ago

Update #4 @ 11:30: MckMama's twitter feed:

A bit of news trickled back to me: there is a lot of fluid in Stellan's lungs and tissues. 2 minutes ago

Update # 5 at 1:16 pm: MckMama's twitter feed:

I'm going to work on a post now about all the details regarding how it went. It was a complicated situation and Dr. A did the best he could. less than a minute ago
They will extubate him a bit later. He needed a blood transfusion earlier and he's still finishing that up. He looks so sweet and peaceful. about a minute ago
Stellan made it through!!! I am with him now in recovery. They are going to leave him under for a while, since the procedure took so long. 3 minutes ago


  1. Can you please let me know about her twitter posts? I just checked them and read about her night...how horrible. THe nursing part really hit home (as I sit here nursing Brady). My heart is hopeful this will go well!

  2. Praying today too Vicky... thanks for posting this...love you~

  3. Thanks again for letting me know Vicky. I just keep thinking about it. I can only imagine what the family is going through.

  4. Bonnie, hope you can see this :) I am sure you especially relate with Brady being so close in age and still nursing! Give him an extra hug for me when you see him next.

    Robin, thanks sweetie, love you too girl! Give an extra hug to baby girl Elliot for me too please :)

  5. Poor little guy.

    Most certainly all our prayers are with him and with you.

    May he have a speedy recovery.

    I am glad the worst is over now.


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