Monday, April 20, 2009

Caught in-between.

Catch it Colton...


Following in Daddy's baseball-pitcher- footsteps?  Like son...

... like father.

Colton, way to wink!!  

Watching for cars...

Ready for take-off...

... catching some "air."  

I suspect with the promise of warmer weather there may be an abundance of posts like these.  It takes awhile for all things sun-drenched, warm and green to feel like every day news.  I am still enchanted with the chattering birds which are noticeably everywhere these days.  

The boys haven't quite figured out what to wear.  The sun is warmer each day, but the air is still on the cool side.  So Colton still reaches for his winter coat, boots and hat, although I've convinced him mittens are entirely unnecessary.  While Nolan, is quicker to shed winter gear for as little clothing as possible.  It takes some convincing that it isn't truly barefoot weather yet.  It seems we're in between, boots and flip-flops.  Coats and shorts.  Somedays spring, and somedays just crossing our fingers for no April snow.  

I've been so caught up in the shifting weather gears that a fairly major event slipped by somewhat unnoticed.  The unofficial word is that the Red River, "peaked" is the term they are using, last week.  At an unassuming level of 34 feet, it just stopped rising.  Its been fluctuating between 33 and 34 so they haven't really used the word "crest."  And for all the absent fanfare that has come along with this event, one other word getting  tossed about with more frequency is the word,"recovery phase."   So while we haven't supposedly "crested," we aren't offically in "recovery" phase either.  Yeah, a little in-between.

For the most part?   In-between is feeling okay.  Its a bridge to the other side, with the prize of summer waiting as its reward.  I am mostly happy hanging in-between.  With one exception.

Dakota, is very visibly in-between as well.  Eating and not.  Playful and slow.  Ears that perk up with recognition when we come home.  Eyes that stare vacantly when coming out of the all too often deep sleep she is in.  Clearly, sadly, in-between.  


  1. So good to see you enjoying "normal" times and could it REALLY be true the river has crested and the scare is all gone? Oh, I hope so!

    Message to the boys: "Put on your bike helmets!" You look like wild and crazy boys - just like mine. He didn't want to wear his either but after it saved his life twice - literally! - he gives in. Once was a forward, over-the-handle bars crash straight onto his forehead on the asphalt at 25 mph and oh, yeah! The other one was, too! Head was saved both times, helmet not so good - broken arm only once. I never wore a helmet as a kid but I wasn't wild & crazy. I saved that for now when I'm old.

    Ok, boys, "Auntie" Robynn will quit nagging now! Please forgive my meddlesome ways.

    Glad you are enjoying the fun and peace you deserve, Vicky. :)

  2. Love Colton in snow boots... so freaking funny! And Nolan looks like a rock star on that tricked out bike. He's one lucky little boy to have something that cool. Although his legs are so long I'm not sure the word "little" really applies :)

    And there is absolutely nothing that warms my heart more than watching a dad play with his kids.

    And I'm writing all of this trying to avoid the thought of Dakota as anything other than happy and playful and well. If only our animals understood their importance... their irreplaceable standing in all of our memories and significant moments. She's so lovely, and I hope she remains well and happy for a long time to come.

  3. Love these warmer weather pictures! The clothing dilemma is what we go through here every March. At the moment you ditch your heavy coat you're caught out and about, freezing from the cold winds!
    It won't be too many weeks until you guys are coat free!!!
    Snuggle with Kota for me pls! That pup looks so sweet~
    Happy Spring Vicky!

  4. Robynn, I echo your sentiment on the bike helmets... and for everything else they do they want a helmet... but never on their bikes. And surprisingly, Nolan is also not a risk taker... he is actually pretty cautious... But I'll admit, mother-of-the-year material, I gave up the battle, long ago. You are in no way "meddlesome!" Always welcome to share your heart!

    Gitz, love how you love our kids :) It always comes through your words. Nolan got that bike 3 years ago and even though he is pretty close to outgrowing it... it'll be a hard day for him to stop riding it. Very lucky, not so little, boy!

    I don't even know what to say about my puppy. Treasuring our days with her right now :) Praying for courage and wisdom to guide us.

    Robin, extra snuggling with Kota for sure :) Are you ready for this? No coats may be middle of the week... 79 by Thursday possibly!!

  5. we are layering too. hats, stretchy gloves, sweatshirts and spring coats..... mittens lost on the way home because it is too warm to remember them. But, not today - it even snowed a bit...ugggg

  6. Sometimes in between is all there is.

  7. Jules, say it isn't so! April and snow is just so wrong ): i hope it warms way up soon!

    Dr. John, how true :)

  8. I also have a Golden Nugget, my retriever, and he is giving up. He is 12 years old, sleeps most of the time, needs encouragement to go outside and sometimes flies out on his own. Sometimes I think he's got alzheimers because after going out he comes back in and begins to bark for no
    He was the best pup and the best dog, the best friend and I will always recommend this dog to anyone who asks. No one wants to make any decisions which need to be made sooner or later.
    We'll leave it to later :)

  9. A Lady's Life,

    Ours is 12 too, 13 in September hopefully. We'll just have to take it a day at a time and see what comes. But they do become family, don't they?

  10. Yes they really do.
    He lies at my feet and my husband says he is going to die there and I can't see that day happening.
    I still have him in front of my eyes as a puppy.
    We went to choose a dog and I said getting out of the car, that I'd take the first one who pees, as peeing is very important in my household, where dogs are concerned lol
    So he was the first one. I picked him up and wouldn't put him down because to me they all looked the same. Every one thought I took him because he was a boy but I didn't even know if it was a boy or not.I didn't really care.
    So they said that was an interesting way of choosing a dog lol


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