Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dear Colton's future wife...

When Colton tells you one day that "meatloaf" has chocolate spread over the top of it, could you just go along with him?  Oh, and nod your head when he tells you his mother made it with ham? I've stood on my head so many times trying to get the boys to try various dishes I make for supper.   Colton has always had an aversion to meat.  But I am learning that if you give a dish a creative name,  like "sugar-and-chocolate-covered-no-thats-not-meat-underneath-surprise-loaf," you stand half a chance that they will take a bite.  So what if he only heard the "ham" part of the hamburger.  And I can get by with calling brown sugar and ketchup "chocolate."  Please, future wife, forgive me. 

The little turkey ate 4 pieces and swears its his favorite meal EVER.  It was such a hit, just wait till you see what we're having tomorrow night...  "hey-thats-not-tuna, noodle casserole,  with yep- those-are-green-skittles-inside."  Genius, I tell ya.  I'm thinking I may have to write a cookbook!  



    And don't worry about the future wife; any idiosyncrises will be forgiven once he gives his famous wink :)

  2. Dear Colton's Future Wife:

    You are one lucky girl!

    You have a great husband who will eat bizarre concoctions and never complain, thanks to his wise mother....


    You are getting the best mother-in-law in the world who authors a famous cookbook! So, future wife, what are YOU bringin' to the party?!

  3. Brilliant Vicky!!! We mom's do what we have to ...
    Happy Wednesday

  4. Gitz, no kidding, that wink is perfected I tell you!

    Robynn, should I be a little concerned about what a girl that loves a boy with strange food combinations and his mother that makes them, might bring to the party?

    Robin, we do, we do :)

  5. We do what we have to do! Great post!

  6. Oh I have this at home all the time.
    I want to try out new recipes but they always say, why don't you cook normal.
    Everything in restaurants is ok why is it when I emulate its not normal? lol

    So I blend it in the blender and they don't know what's in it.
    Creme of potato soup or bisque and that's all. lol
    The rest?........secret ingredients. lol

    Hope everything is better today at home and with the baby.

    God speed.!

  7. Missy, thanks :)

    A Lady's Life (I need to find out your name ??) ,

    Blending it in the blender is a fabulous idea! I have to add that to my growing list :) The last I read about Stellan is that he has slept well and is getting rid of all the fluid that built up in him. But there is a little concern over a low heartbeat now. Thank you for your kindness :)

  8. Oh, Vicky, that is hilarious! When my sister was little, she would not eat meat. Only beef. :)

  9. Jill, I used to try and hide tiny pieces of chicken in foods when he was really little and he would find them every time! I think it may be a texture thing?

  10. Now that is the cutest post ever. I think you should write a cookbook. It would be a hit. Seriously why don't you??

  11. Lilly, I think Jerry Seinfeld's wife beat me too it and sued another cookbook author that wrote one resembling hers :) I'm also a little bit of a 3 or 4 hit wonder... but never say never, right?


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