Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Update to seeking input

**Update** The two emails I received were on completely the opposite ends of the spectrum! Ha, I should have known better. But I had a great talk with a friend tonight that gave me a fresh perspective and the possibility of some new ideas. I have to marinate in these thoughts and chew on them for awhile... we'll see how it plays out.

When I first started this blog, I thought it would just be a fun way to chronicle some of the things in our life as they happened. Over the course of the last 6 months or so a series of "firsts" have evolved. I grew comfortable sharing snippets of life with the family members I had shared a link with until one day I was left comments by two people who lived in my hometown and happened to stumble across our blog. I was so pleasantly surprised. I began to realize that while you wouldn't necessarily call some random person on the phone and ask how their day was going, it is perfectly acceptable to "click" on a link to someone else's blog and read. And if you are brave enough, or compelled to do so, leave a comment on something they have written. It was really nice to have that happen. In fact, not only is it okay in the blog world, it is rather ENCOURAGED. And I got to thinking, who might be reading my blog that I don't even know about? Turns out, with the help of a basic counter, more people than I imagined. Now I've also encountered the superbloggers, that have reached over a million hits and I assure you I am nowhere near that, nor do I desire to be.

But here is what I've been wondering. When you as a reader, go to someone's blog, what do you want to read? What do you want to know or learn? Or do you want to be entertained? Or inspired? What draws you to someone's writing/posting that keeps you wanting to go back over and over again? I would truly like to know your thoughts. Would you share your ideas with me?

I'll tell you why I ask. More and more I find myself asking is that post worthy? Does anyone really care if I post about that? Will anybody else see the humor in that? I admit I don't always post with "an audience" in mind. But for the last couple of days I have really struggled with being compelled to write anything at all. Please chime in! Whether I personally know you or not, everyone's thoughts matter to me.


  1. I come here for YOU. I like knowing about your family, your hobbies, your trips. Because in every telling of every story I learn more about you. What matters to you... how you view the world... how you see different topics intertwine.

    I'm sometimes entertained, sometimes intrigued, sometimes simply informed. And all of those things make up you and who you are.

    That's what I like. Just getting to be a part of your life regardless of how separate our lives are. You don't have to try... you just are.


  2. The voice of reason! Most times it seems so remarkably simple. These past few days I hit a road block. And I've been definitely feeling the stress of Rick traveling this week and my to do list growing...

    Thank you for the kind words, and the insight I seemingly misplaced along the way!

  3. I sort of view blogging as therapy for ourselves...we never really know how many, if anyone, reads what we write.
    So I saw write what's on your mind, in your heart, or on your fingertips!\
    PS: That was hilarious about what Nolan said!

  4. Bonnie, you are so not alone in having kids who want to "go there" with their peanuts and ovals! There is hope... in the locker room after hockey Nolan actually blushed when he was taking off his gear and sitting next to Kennedy : )

  5. Thanks for chiming in too Bonnie, I value your input as you always find such a good balance and make it enjoyable to read!

  6. I'm with Gitz girly! I love it that I have a bud who lives in Minnesota! (Please tell me I remembered that correctly, it IS Minnesota isn't it?)
    I love seeing those adorable grinning faces! I love hearing about your life and feeling connected to you.
    Pastor Pete at Withoutwax sometimes talks about an online community and I've grown to believe there is such a phenom!
    Blessings and I'm praying for God to confirm His direction for you. (I usually ask for more than one as I'm a slow learner!)

  7. Robin, it took me awhile to realize you left comments too! Ooops on me. Yes, Minnesota it is! Thank you for helping me realize to just stay the course! I think Pastor Pete is wise beyond his young years!!!! Thanks for coming by and for the kind words!


I welcome what you have to say. Thanks for taking the time to grace me with your thoughts and words!

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When you get lucky

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