Thursday, November 13, 2008

My little slice of Oprah.

Its no secret. I abandoned soap operas just after college. But me and Oprah? We go way back. And I'm still devoted. Hopelessly. I used to dream about what earthshattering thing was going to happen in my life, you know, so I would be worthy of being on the show. And by earthshattering I don't mean tragic. I didn't want to cry... just you know, make her want to be my friend back! I even thought long and hard about what I would say to her. Think about it. If you were to meet your favorite "celebrity" on the street and had a chance to say something, what would you say? And as the words eluded me time and time again, my perspective began to shift. If you were to ask me today, I'd just as soon light my hair on fire than be asked to be on stage, in the spotlight or be the center of attention.

So I was oddly content to visit the outside of the studio last week. The audience had just been let out of an afternoon show. Will Smith had been her guest and by all accounts has an amazing movie due out soon. The atmosphere was joyful, energized, and fun to be around. I'll admit that my heart was pounding a bit at the mere thought that only a concrete wall separated ME from HER. And I would certainly not be against tickets to the show to be part of the audience, just so we're clear.

I also think I may have figured out what I would say to her. For the longest time there have been some MAJOR differences in our past. Her history was not my history, we were on opposite sides. But what I have come to realize, with the election of Obama as our President elect, MY future is HER future. In major ways, all the important ways, Oprah and I are closer together than ever! Now, if only she knew!


  1. Ok, first... you are so cute and tall and thin and I love your hair color.

    Now... Oprah. That Will Smith show was great! So cool you were there that day. My friend Jenny went to a taping and almost wish she hadn't... not because it wasn't good but because it took the magic out of it for her. I think I'd rather keep the magic.

  2. I am so glad you said that about your friend's experience. It truly never occurred to me that I might be disappointed or disillusioned maybe in the experience. And since I never stopped believing in Santa I am awfully fond of my "magic!"

    Thanks for the insight AND the sweet compliments!

  3. We have some thing in common...1st I'm so with you in not wanting to be the center of attention! I'd fake a heart attack if I were ever called up in front of anyone for anything!
    Next The O!!!! I just love her. She and I don't agree on just everything but I so respect her and trust that her heart is sincere.
    And that day was a great show. I actually cried hearing Will Smith talk about what it meant to him as a black man that (Senator) Obama was elected President!
    Also, yes you're skinny, adorable with really great hair!

  4. It was a great Will Smith moment wasn't it? You all are so sweet with your compliments. Thank you for taking the time to come over, its always a pleasure!


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