Friday, November 14, 2008

The Birthday Duo.

You can't think of one and not think of the other. And while we have yet to fully acknowledge it, Rick's mom, Carole had her birthday yesterday. And after her 3 day stint of taking care of not only our house, but our spoiled dog and 2 children as well last week, we thought what she might really enjoy was a day to herself! HA HA! As well as I know her however, I am certain she was hard at work yesterday. And for some reason I am sorely lacking in any pictures of her. That seems to be part of the role she plays in our lives. Behind the scenes, supporting, encouraging, not drawing attention to herself, and yet her wonderful presence is strongly felt by us all.

As for the other half of the duo... it's Rick's birthday today. He as well will be hard at work today. I had previously decided that we would replace the ipod that was stolen from the office last month for his birthday. But when he saw one in Chicago last week at a significantly lower price, we got it on the spot. And I am always in awe of how he chooses to use it... not in the way you would perhaps think. He actually watches podcasts about a variety of technical tools and tips that he in turn teaches to his yearbook schools. He is a living example of being so passionate about his work that work is life and life is work, except that family is always first.

So Happy Birthday to my husband and our boy's father. To our hockey coach, baseball coach, golf coach and football coach. To our chief breadwinner, sports photographer, dog lover, shirt-off-your-back-giver, yearbook producer, "tech" mentor and business owner. To our "cheese man" and "rah rah" guy!

They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. So, really to both of you, mother and son, we love you and all you do for us. The world is a better place because of the both of you! Happy Birthday!


    That's me yelling to your sweet mom-in-law and your wonderful hubby!!!
    Eat some cake for me will ya? And thank you ever so much for mentioning the snow in my comments! Even if it's not sticking, I get excited! Even if it's nowhere near the ATL, I get excited. Even if! :) if it were snow sprinkling here, I would be pulling down the outside lights and wrapping up in a scarf and decorating the outside of my house! I've never decorated in the snow!!!
    pss...from your bud in the deep south...wear a scarf to the hockey games...there, now you've gotten winter-gear advice from someone who has no idea what she's talking about!!!(But I do wear scarfs every single day!)

  2. Robin you are hilarious! Just know that in all likelihood not only will the scarf come, but the cuddl duds, the winter coat, mittens, and Ugg boots cuz oh do my toes get cold!

    Stay warm! Stay safe on your travels! I'll pass the shout-out along!

  3. Oh! That was so sweet... nothing better in the world than a good daddy. Except maybe a good mother-in-law (nice to here positive stories... some of my friends are envious of you right now!) :)

    Is it ok that during that beautiful post about your sweet husband all I could look at and drool over was the camera in his picture???? Someday, in another lifetime, I'm going to be a photographer with a cool camera like that!!!

  4. I am an extremely blessed woman, in many regards. Oh Rick would tell you to just embrace that inner photographer! Not only would he share all of his equipment with you, he'd give you tips and tricks (if you needed them.) And if you can shoot already he'd probably offer you a job!

    So what would your "dream" camera be? Obviously you have great subject matter already between all of your nieces and nephews and you take some darn cute photos of Riley!

  5. Oh, I couldn't justify getting a dream camera (regardless of the fact I have no money)... since I can't travel to see my family and I currently can't leave the house I'm afraid Riley is my only subject! I have a decent little point and shoot with manual controls and IS, but it is SO HARD to take a good shot without flash, and I love natural shots. I'm always reading about aperture and shutter speeds... and have nothing to photograph and a camera that can't do the job. I'm such a nerd but I find it so interesting. :)

    I've always used a Canon (I currently have a G7), but I helped my b-in-law pick out a DSLR for my sister (a Rebel xsi) and he got a great zoom lens... it's taken some lovely photos just on auto mode... which made me realize the camera really does make all the difference.

    So anyway, I love the idea of it and learning about it, but have nothing to photograph :) What does Rick shoot with? I've heard amazing things about Nikon's too, but have never actually shot with one.

  6. Rick switched to a canon EOS D Mark II n, a couple of years back. His dad, Jim, who is also a photographer shoots with a Nikon. Every time Rick sees the pictures side by side he prefers the Canon hands down. But Jim swears by his Nikon and also takes great photos. I am not skilled enough to worry about which one I use so I am using one of Jim's Nikon's to learn with! And running around with a canon powershot in my purse when I am in a hurry :)

    I know, those gosh darn barriers, money, time, HEALTH... unpredictable futures... it sure gets in the way! No easy answers... just hope and prayers for now!

  7. I'm glad to know Rick likes the Canon, too... of course I was just thinking Rebel... with an EOS he's already so far out of my league he couldn't hear me if I yelled at him ;)

    At least I know I'm dreaming about the right brand, though! :) That's the first step, right?



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When you get lucky

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