Thursday, November 27, 2008

Our "turkey" day

The question of the day was really, just who was the bigger "turkey?" Its hard to believe a few short hours before this is what the scene looked like. Nolan was helping me Wednesday night, peeling potatoes. What a big help he was. And Colton did his part as well. Yes. A nap counts as help. And then they left for hockey practice. This is fantastic I thought to myself.

Two hours later they returned. Nolan had thrown up on the way home. He walked in the door and threw up. He went to lay down and well you get the idea. I went to bed too, my stomach itself churning at the thought of all the food to prepare in a few short hours.

I awoke to an excited voice. "Mom, get up, is the turkey done yet? I am starving." I looked at the clock. "Nolan, its 6 am, the turkey is NOT done. Let me sleep." "But mom, can I at turn on the tv and watch the parade?" "Nolan, its 6 am, the parade has not started yet. Sleep, please." Two minutes pass. I hear rustling and a crash in the kitchen. "Mom, I'll just paint the craft project while you sleep." "Nolan", now I am UP, "wait." As I enter the kitchen I see I am too late. Everything is indeed set up for the craft. The paint is not only open but spilled. And Nolan is on the floor in a heap bawling. "Mom, why does Thanksgiving have to take so long to start?" And so our day went.

My first official full Thanksgiving meal by all accounts was a success. The brined turkey in the roaster was the way to go. Mom's sweet potatoes and scalloped corn were tasty as always. The pioneer woman did not let me down!

But while there was no open alcohol bottles on our table, there was plenty of "whine" throughout the day. We still counted the kids as one of our blessings. We just waited til after they were in bed.

But the coup de grace of our Thanksgiving was Robin's advent treat kid's craft. Robin those last few photos are for you! It is our interpretation of your very clever and fun project. Mom and I each made one for my nieces and the boys each made their own. They worked so diligently on it. It really relaxed us all. And they were so proud when they were done. I have no doubt they will remember this Thanksgiving because of this very project. Thank-you Robin!


  1. I LOVE the pic of Colton sleeping! I hope Nolan is feeling better. Whew, what a day! :)

  2. Colton was so sweet. Rick put on his skates and he just kept sleeping. But when it was time to go... he jumped up and went and skated well. Nolan is off and running as usual!

  3. First of all, I am glad Nolan is all better. That is not fun. Congrats on a great day!

  4. Thanks Bonnie. How was the dinner at your church? I was reading about it in the paper. What a great thing for the whole family to share in doing. Good luck with baptism on Sunday!

  5. What a neat craft idea! I'm glad Nolan is better. Leiton threw up yesterday too and has a bad fever today. Poor thing asked to go to bed a couple of hours ago. Colton looks so cute sleeping!!

  6. Heather, maybe there is something going around? Ugh, its that time of year isn't it? I hope Leiton is feeling better soon too. Colton was sooo tired.

  7. I can't stop grinning!!!! That's so amazing!!! I love what you guys did, they look great! I am however concerned that as cold as it was there you were crafting without a shirt's 40 degrees here today and I'm layered 3 times over!!!
    Yea Boys!!! You are so talented!!!!! :)
    love to you all...

  8. Robin, we'll talk cold in another month or two, trust me, shorts are appropriate for 40 degrees by the time March rolls around! And there would be nothing left of any shirt they would have worn... far better to go without!!

  9. Hello Vicky,
    This is Sheri, Kristi's cousin. I was reading Kristi's blog and saw your blog and decided to check it out! WOW! You have a way with words and telling stories, how awesome! I love the craft project, it is very clever!
    Hope your son is feeling better.

  10. Hi Sheri,

    What a nice surprise! I don't know what caused me to scroll down and catch this but I'm glad I did. Thanks for the kind words. Although, from what I hear YOU are the master digi scrapper! The craft project was fun and very boy friendly, thankfully. Do you have a link to your blog or are you a private blog like K?

    Thanks for commenting!


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