Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl fun.

Nolan was "terribly" excited to wave the gold and black.

Grandpa was into the game, and Grandma in the background was already checking her watch.

Shirley's fudge bars... the thick layer of fudge is hiding in the middle of the bars.

Colton had his own idea of entertainment.  Gotta love a kid who seeks the quiet activity amidst the chaos.

I've played with a good chili recipe for so long and this is the one that gets requested all the time.  I had to make a triple batch just to insure a little left over for lunch tomorrow.

I got my "Chili" on this afternoon. And then I made some fudge oatmeal bars. They are like a gooey oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. They are definitely not low fat, low calorie, low carb or diet anything. They are indeed a happy flavor of yum. We got a get out of jail free card when it came to Colton's hockey game this afternoon. We were happy to accept and stay home. Grandpa and Grandma came over and we enjoyed what was truly a great game of football to watch.

This morning I actually started my day with an email from Mckmama. Last night she wrote about her cruise and shared some amazing bright colored tropical themed sand and water and boat photos of our little miracle baby Stellan. I commented to her that I could ALMOST feel the sun coming through those pictures, and she replied to me that she should post a few more photos then so perhaps I could REALLY feel the sun... It was such a pleasant surprise to see that little note in my box this morning. I don't know why these small gestures always touch me. But they do.

After my Friday morning fiasco at Target, I'm giving it another try tomorrow. If I don't show up in blog world by tomorrow afternoon, you should be worried and consider sending a rescue party : )


  1. That looks like such fun!!! I love it that Gramma was checking her watch :)
    The Chili and oatmeal fudge bars look great!!! (Would you consider sharing the recipes?!?)
    After that late game wasn't it tough to drag out of bed this am?
    Oh and we were supposed to get snow tonight but, but now they say only rain :(
    I think the ATL may have missed our snow's usually warming up by Feb. Oh well~

  2. That's a priceless picture of Grandma checking her watch while Grandpa smiles! I'm with Colton; when the room is too loud for too long, I have to go rest my brain.

    Love MckMama's photography, too. It's pretty cool that she commented to you. She has thousands of daily readers. Can you imagine?

    So is today going to be our Day 1 of TWG?

  3. Robin, yes I can share recipes : ) sorry to hear no snow for you... we actually got to almost 30 above and then plummeted to 8 below again... but almost 30 with the sun shining felt so GOOOD!

    Anita, Yes today, TWG. I am going to read NOW. How often should we check in with each other? Once a week, more or less...? Since you've done this before tell me your thoughts?

  4. I agree on the recipe's Vicky, I'm always looking for new recipe's or ways to change mine up.

  5. Vicky - I emailed you but perhaps it went to junk or cyberspace...yes, my birthday is July 16 and the "old" people in my family call me Candace Jean July 16 because it was a line of a poem in my birth announcement and they've never let me forget it! I personally think Candy is a little easier, but who's going to argue with Aunt Blondie?

    Yummy looking fudge bars!

  6. Candy,
    A poem in a birth announcement, I love it! I thought there must be a story to that. Thank you for sharing that and come back for the recipe later this week!

    Sara, I'll post both the recipes later this week : )

  7. Ok... I so what is TWG?

    And I sooooo want an oatmeal fudge bar thing. These blogs are killer for my cravings problem :)

    BTW, did you survive the second round at Target?!?!?!?!


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When you get lucky

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