Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fargo Force Hockey "Suite" Party!

Everything aligned in the universe for us Saturday night! Nolan's hockey team got the ultimate experience. And as parents we were only too happy to partake in a little of the festive moods ourselves. With the exception of only one girl, Nolan's entire team got to enjoy a night of USHL hockey at the brand new Urban Plains Center, in Fargo. Lucky for us, one of the families on our team worked for a company with a suite. Our fun hockey gathering was housed in the lap of luxury. While most of the parents stood in the suite the kids sat in the special suite seats down below. Mite team 3 was so into the game. They cheered. They danced. They clapped. They had big fun. And it was truly fun to witness their pure exuberance. The "fan cam" could not resist their enthusiasm and captured them on the big overheard screens time and again.

The "kissing cam" was a big hit as well. Especially when it landed on two other Moorhead hockey parents in the crowd that we all knew. We howled at the fun being had getting people to kiss on camera for everyone to cheer for.

Colton felt so included and was enthralled with watching his "coach" score both goals of the game in a big win for the Force. Andrew Taranto, #20 in dark blue down below, is living with Colton's hockey coach. Andrew comes in his free time to help coach Colton's practice. Colton was pretty impressed and fought for his front row seat.

Minutes before the end of our game there was a knock at the door. The Fargo Force mascot came inside for an autograph/photograph session. Kid bobble was a huge hit with the kids. It was a truly fantastic night. Thanks Fullmer family, thanks Connelly family, and thanks RDO! It was a "suite" time!

Andrew Taranto, #20 celebrating his first goal of the game.

Taranto scoring his goal.

Rick shooting across the rink back at our Suite.

We all loved the light blue jersey's of the Indiana Ice.

Checking out the beverage selection in the suite. There was something for everyone :)

Kid Bobble in our suite!

"On the edge of your seat hockey... our favorite kind!"

Our view out over the ice.

Nolan saying to Kid Bobble, "you have a really big head!"

Its okay, we love you anyway Kid Bobble!


  1. We got our share of hockey this weekend to be sure :) I saw Thad with Olivia yesterday at lessons in the morning and he said she was better.

  2. Wow! What a great time, and a great opportunity, too...

    I have to tell you, I was flipping through channels this afternoon and landed on Pittsburgh playing hockey (they were losing). I think it would be fun to watch if I understood it at all. But I paused on it for awhile thinking, "This would be so much more fun if Nolan and Colton were here." :)

  3. Oh my gosh, what fun! Looks like you guys had a fantastic time!

  4. Gitz, if the Penguins were winning, it would be fun to have Nolan around, if they were losing, ahhhh not so much :) Poor Nolan has not learned the art of losing gracefully and goes into a tailspin whenever some team he loves, is losing. Colton, on the other hand, would love it no matter what! :)

    Tippa, it really was fun, even if you aren't a hockey fan it wouldn't matter in this case, I assure you there is so much entertainment of all kinds!


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When you get lucky

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