Sunday, February 15, 2009


For Valentines day I got to watch a lot of hockey. Come to think of it a majority of my weekend was at the rink. But, have I told you how much I love our hockey program, lately? I know I say it all the time, but it is just worth repeating. Our young hockey players look up to, admire, hero-worship and want to be just like our high school hockey players. So while Colton got to go and skate in-between the periods of a high school game, Nolan's age group got to skate with the high school players. Rick brought his camera and it wasn't until I saw some of his photos later that I really SAW the hero-worship. Taking into account the younger ones have to literally look up to hear what is being said, I assure you it doesn't matter how tall some of those coaches are, those boys are not nearly as intent on their words!

It was fun to see our little boys try to mimic the moves of the older boys. They skated with passion and gusto doing what they could to either beat a Spud in a race or keep away from a Spud trying to catch them. Afterwards they lined up with their sticks and jerseys to get autographs from the both the girls high school team, and the boys high school team. Go here to view the photo of the entire group and for more images.

We asked Nolan when he got older if he would know what to do if younger kids looked up to him. He said, "yeah, dad its going to cost YOU a lot of money, because I'll probably have to keep giving my sticks away." I think we both groaned when we heard that. Its the right idea, but at 150 dollars a stick, we hope he finds other things to give away.


  1. OH MY GOSH, Nolan looked so big in these photos. And man, he can SKATE. Seriously. I've never ice skated in my life so to see that not-so-little stinker really booking it was amazing.

    But don't worry... I won't ask for his stick. Riley would just chew on it anyway. :)

  2. I love the action shots!!! How awesome! I have never been to a hockey game, so I know nothing about it...sure does look like fun!

  3. Great photos. I have never been to an ice hockey game. It is played here but not like your part of the world. Its great the younger kids can look up to and respect the older players. Long may it continue. $150 a stick, wow!

  4. Sara, who knew, but somewhere in time, sticks that were at one time made out of wood are actually made out of carbon fibers and graphite which = no chewing for Riley or young boys who would so try if they could:)

    Tippa, there is just something about the game that draws you in once you have a reason to watch... I have two reasons to watch and learn!

    Lilly, the sticks are upwards of 200 hundred when the boys get to the high school level... but that pales in comparison to the 600-800 dollars for the skates! We're still at the 25-50 dollar range for sticks, whew!

  5. Those action pictures are amazing. My favorite thing is to see the rosey red cheeks under the mask!
    I'm in sticker shock! Wow!
    And I just saw how much the skates will cost! That's pretty steep! Maybe we could get some extra jerserys with their names on them and they could give those away!

  6. Such an eye opening experience isn't it Robin? For me too, I would never have predicted this little facet of my life, but I so happy the boys found something they love at such young ages :)

  7. I love his confidence and passion! And I am thinking you should either start a stick savings fund or learn to whittle tiny sticks and paint them just like his. :)

    Those are some great pics. I'm guessing hockey keeps your boys healthy! I have never been to a game either. It does look fun.

  8. They are in such great cardio shape. And Nolan has some serious leg muscles to be sure!

    Yes, we have an expensive road to travel for this sport, but so far it has been well worth the effort.


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