Friday, January 30, 2009

The kindergarten wisdom.

I'm in a huff today for sure. UGHHHHHHH. I got up early today with plans to get out the door and run some errands. I've had this in mind for soooo long, and can't quite get out the door fast enough. So I made up my mind to NOT BE DISTRACTED today. I only have two hours to get across town and back which eats up almost 40 minutes of that time and I have a major list. Tick-tock, hear the clock.

I was dashing out the door and my phone rang. Its my neighbor. The neighbor who will drop anything she is doing and come running when you signal for help. Her son had forgotten his shoes at home. Could we run to her house and pick up his shoes and drop them at the school? Yes. Tick-tock. I throw Rick a rescue me look and he says he will go and do it. I grab her house key and write out the instructions for him and leave. I throw the truck into reverse and look back to see the garbage can squarely behind me. Shoot. Get out, drag it up to the garage. Turn to get in truck and see recycling bins precariously perched in the snow by the truck... shoot again. Tick-tock, hear the clock. Finally make it out of the driveway. Am about to turn onto the main road, look back for cars and see the boys favorite little wagon lying on the bike path tipped over in danger of rolling in the street. UGH. Call Rick who doesn't answer. Make mental note to rescue wagon for boys upon return home.

Get to Target. Start looking for Emetrol. Seriously cannot find it. Tick. Ask for help. Nobody seems to be able to locate it. Wait for pharmacist. Stumps him too. Tock. What to do? He'll order it, COOL. 10 minutes later as I am zooming down the aisles am startled to have pharmacist come running after me. More discussion. Emetrol, who needs YOU! TICK TOCK, TICK TOCK! Make mental note to kill the clock.

Dash out the door with exactly 20 minutes left to get home before the Kindergartener does. Load heavy items into car. Smugly feel like I may have pulled it off... tick? tock? Pull into driveway as bus pulls around the corner. Unload truck, greet Kindergartener. Go look for wagon. Favorite little wagon no where to be found. Check everywhere, watch crestfallen boy go inside as no wagon is found. Go inside. Will give favorite purple G6 gatorade to son to cheer him. Begin looking for gatorade and suddenly flashback to image of gatorade perched on bottom of cart at store. Call store. Yep, would I like to come pick it up? %&^%$#!

Kindergartener looks at me and calmly says, "just take a deep breath, everything will be okay." Sigh... make new mental note... need to purchsase, Emetrol, Gatorade, 1 red wagon and new clock.


  1. Oh how sweet... don't you love it that he's obviously listened when you've said that to him?

    Sorry about your frenetic day... love the idea of buying a new clock, though :) Made me chuckle...

  2. He is a good mirror for me! And have I mentioned how much I love my blog? As soon as I posted it was released and I felt so much better. And to see that cute ole Riley pup show up with your comments just makes the world round again!

  3. Called down by the kindergartner. You gotta love that. Was this written in the rhythm of a children's book you have? It definitely had that feel. Nice little rhythm. I almost wanted to reach through and break the clock for you! ;)

    What do you think happened to the wagon? Did it roll down a hill or something?

  4. Yes, the boys read a book called Rock around the Clock in which the mice are the numbers of the clock and they escape and dance while the lion (cat) sleeps.

    Sadly, we think the wagon was taken by someone ): We are going to put up a sign this week and cross fingers for its return, but are not hopeful. Hard lesson to learn about putting our things away.

    Yes, lets start today! Should we read and then meet up at a pre-specified time this weekend? I am fairly flexible, you let me know what works for you!


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When you get lucky

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