Monday, February 2, 2009

Lunch date

We were treated to lunch today with Grandma over at Concordia College. My mom who is 73 years old still works full time at the college that Rick and I both attended. Because of all the years she worked there prior to me attending, I was eligible for reduced tuition. There is no way I could have afforded a private liberal arts college without lots of financial help. And work study. I think of my college years and I can't help but think of work. Hence my fascination with the newly constructed Anderson Commons in the Knutson Center at the school. The former dining center was in the basement and very dark and old. The new center is light, big, modern and truly amazing. I am in awe every single time I step inside. Oh how much easier some of my jobs may have been!

The outside view walking from the bookstore.

It was really a treat having daddy come with us.

The Anderson Commons.

The stairs lead up to the new p.o. boxes where my neighbor across the street works.

Vegas buffet style sums it up good.

This was one of my most dreaded jobs.  The ice cream "back in the day" was left in the frozen cooler until just before I got there.  I'll never forget the weird muscle I got in my right forearm from scooping the ice cream.  

Now this is what I call dessert!

And this is what I call one shy boy.


  1. Holy Cannoli! That so makes me want to go back to college... you can just feel the atmosphere. And again you've managed to stir up some midnight cravings in me. I'm going to be chubby and it's going to be your fault with all these food posts!


  2. Okay that building is beautiful! And the food? Who wouldn't gain the freshman 15!
    Your mom just amazes me Vicky. Awesome woman!!! Give her a hug for me pls.
    But ya know what fasinated me the most? I'm sorry...the snow :)
    Everyone out and about with all that snow everywhere! Sooo unlike the South.
    Looks like a fun day and I bet you weren't hungry for dinner!

  3. Gitz and Robin,

    The food is really good... I have grown up with it and am really lucky, it is every bit as good as it looks : )

    It is cold again Robin! Well below zero but due to warm up in a day or two. Its the hope of Spring that keeps us out and about. Its so good to have your reminders of the beauty of the snow : )


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When you get lucky

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