Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentines and boys.

Its an oxymoron at best. It provide some much needed comic distraction yesterday. At Target last week I started looking for the perfect ones for the boys. Here are the requirements... no pink. No pink or purple, too girly. Flowers, teddy bears, hearts in general = bad. Yes, I realize, I am pretty much in search of the anti-valentine. But a really nice one! After much searching, I finally found the perfect one for each boy.

Luckily for me, Target so understands my little boy plight. So for Colton I found Star Wars. And for Nolan, the animal lover that he is, I found one with dogs. But then there was the whole way that they went about picking out each valentine for each friend in their class. Colton picked by matching up his favorite characters with his favorite friends. So if you got a General Grievous, you should know you are in with Colton... and try not to feel too badly if you wind up with a droid. And for the girls in his class? He just couldn't do it... no girl should have a Star Wars valentine from him at all, except maybe Grandma, cause really, Grandmas are not girls. He giggled when I implied she was. Nolan also matched type of dog to the personality of his friend, or the kind of dog they had. Again, you should be over the moon if you got a chihuahua from him... but I'm so sorry Mrs. Morlock for the poodle. He really DOES like you for a teacher I assure you.

But Colton gets the prize for the moment that left me without words. He had one name left on his list and could not figure out which valentine to use for Sami. So I tried to help him out. It looked simple enough to me. He had enough valentines of each kind to choose from. So I picked up one from the "girl pile", and he shook his head no. Well thats it then. Pick one from the boys pile I told him. But no, he shook his head again. Mom he explained I don't really know if Sami is a boy or a girl! The teacher says he is a boy, but I think he might really be a girl! He doesn't like even like Star Wars, and all he really wants to do is play in the kitchen with the girls! Thats a girl, mom. Girl.

Thank goodness Nolan had a couple of his puppy valentines left over. We found one that seemed to satisfy Colton, this time the purple poodle seemed just right. Gotta love little boys!

While we fail at overt creativity when it comes to valentines, we excel at all things hockey! I thought I'd share some creativity... boy style !

The boys set up the basement like a hockey rink and play knee hockey down there. This is the net against the doors to the office.

Here is the coffee table turned bench for the players and their collection of hockey sticks.

And these are the fans inside the doors of the office, looking through the glass. These must be some wealthy webkinz/fans as the seats behind the nets are primo! Notice the penguin is given top position as Nolan is quite the Pittsburgh Penguins fan.

More fans.

Number 1 fan... especially when she is safe from flying pucks behind the glass of the office door!


  1. How cute is that Sami is not a girl or boy, oh dear. They sound like sweet boys and you have to love the indoor stadium in your basement. I bet they are great friends.

  2. Lilly,

    when they are not fighting they can be the best of friends! How fun to have you keep coming back Lilly, especially when you have so many amazing blog peeps... how you find the time to comment to us all is a wonder! I am enjoying getting to know your blog :)

  3. Now that's a creative thing to do with your basement!!! I think it's so cute that they set up fans!!!
    soooo, Sami isn't a boy or a girl...oh dear. Poor Sami!
    Valentine's Day is so much fun when you're a kid isn't it?

  4. Robin, I may not get to bake girly fun things but we have our own way of doing things :)

  5. OMG,
    Colton cracks me up! To think his mind was thinking 'that way'. Isn't it true though, my kids did the same. Trying to match up valentines with friends. Caleigh really pays attention to the wording, esp. if it is for a boy!
    Love the hockey set up. The fans made me smile! Poor Dakota, she could be out there shaggin' pucks for the boys!

  6. Amy,

    I used to do the same as Caleigh! Saying that just takes me back to her age, ugh. Dakota is wise to take cover, we all know what those pucks and even balls can feel like!

  7. Oh, Sami!!! :)

    Too ever-living cute. I love the absolute effort you put into being a mom.

    And... aren't you a little worried about pucks flying through the glass doors? Or am I just paranoid?

  8. Gitz, yes, we are worried about pucks flying through just about everything... although I dare say... we are almost a little too accustomed to flying pucks, balls, objects, these days. You should see our walls in the basement... there is a reason its useless to paint down there for the time being.

    You give me too much credit! Mothering is all about the effort, definitely. It shows that you were mothered well, and mother well to others because of it :)


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