Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Can you guess...


Yes, they were supposed to be bowling. We wondered why we even bothered with getting them all shoes and finding the rights ball... they were much more enamored with the arcade games !

... where we went yesterday with the boys? School was out and we had restless boys. So we loaded two of ours up and threw in a couple of others and went to find an activity. But it seems they were distracted by a few other things and not the actual activity we intended. Oh well. We had an errand to run before we got to our destination and I almost lost my hearing. If I closed my eyes the boys sounded like giggling girls, with shrill laughs and high pitched squeals intermixed. What's a little parental noise discomfort when it comes to laughing with your friends?

I'd give a prize if I had one, but can anyone guess what our intended activity was? I'll post the answer later.


  1. Do you mean guess what you were supposed to do, instead of the arcade?

    Hmmm... go skating? Or maybe swim at an indoor pool?

  2. Yep, guess the activity... the arcade was located inside the place with the other activity... lol, for once it wasn't skating!

  3. I bet you were supposed to be getting lunch first! If we ever went to Dave & Busters the kids want to play before they eat. Not me...give me a burger 1st!!!
    Good idea to get some energy out!

  4. The name of the place was indeed Sunset Lanes in which Nolan just showed me it says in the background of the third picture down :) I'm such a dork :)

    Bowling it is! Rick and I were into the bowling, but we had to go hunt down the boys for their turn.

    Robin, Nolan would happily tell you he was able to eat a hamburger and play games the entire time!

  5. Smart Nolan! I wish I could say I was smart enough to look :)

  6. I was going to guess bowling, too. But only because I can see the lanes in the first photo, and maybe also because when I was a kid I loved to play games at the bowling alley.

    BTW, Emily told Keith a couple of days ago that she either wants to be a veterinarian or work in a bowling ball factory (for entertainment purposes).


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