Friday, February 13, 2009

C'est La Vie, Colton.

Can you guess the name of this delightful little girl? Yes, her name is Sami and there is NO question she is a GIRL.

Fishing for numbers.

Crafts by Colton

Nolan's gym squad took first place in his class in their bowling tournament yesterday. Yea Nolan!

I had a wonderful morning helping in Colton's Kindergarten classroom for their valentine's party. Some days I really miss teaching preschool and working at the daycare center as I have always loved working with young children. I keep those thoughts tucked away for future reference.

I laughed when the now famous Sami came and sat at my station.

Colton, honey, this is your mommy talking. I say this with love. Other than her name, Sami, she is nothing but cute and pink and princess-y and yes, sweetie, Sami is a girl. Clearly, a girl. So sorry this confuses you. One day I trust you'll know the difference. Although by that time, sadly, girls will still probably confuse you. C'est la vie, Colton.

There are days like this day, when being in the blogosphere is sooo rewarding I can hardly describe. Posts just sing with meaning and richness and beauty. The most loving thing I could possibly do is send you to two such posts today. For your enjoyment, really you should visit Robin and Sara. It will be abundantly clear why I am so honored to call them friends.

And when you are done you should check out one of my new favorite places to read, Lilly's Life. She hails from Australia and has a clever wit and wonderful distinct way with words and stories as well. And I encourage you to check out her George link too for a fun read and some laughs. Happy reading everyone!


  1. You're such a sweetheart... I'm going to have to go check out Lilly's site now too :)

    And SAMI IS A GIRL?!?! That seriously makes yesterday's post even funnier...

  2. How he came up with the "teacher said Sami is a boy," I just don't get at all. Oh to be 6 I guess.

    I think you'll enjoy Lilly... she just put up a new post that is pretty darn funny too!

  3. Vicky, I'm so glad you cleard up the mystery of Sami!!! I was expecting her to look...well not so darn adorable! This will be one of those things you retell for a long long time :)
    Thank you for the love and I'm headed over to see Lilly!
    Happy heart day!

  4. I hope you got my email too Robin! I hope you have a happy heart day as well!


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When you get lucky

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