Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday Madison Leigh!

My younger brother, Lee, not only beat me to getting married first, it would follow that he and his wife Kelly would have a baby first. They of course had a little fun with the way they told us. We were all in Minnesota that summer on vacation, staying with my mom and dad. We were sitting in the living room when Lee broke out a stack of pictures showing us all the painting they had accomplished in their new home in Houston. Inserted in the middle was a black and white ultrasound strip. I was handed the stack first, and clamped my hand over my mouth as soon as I saw it. I didn't say anything and quickly decided mom should see it for herself without me giving the surprise away. My mom started looking, commenting on the colors and the rooms and then got to the strip. Without saying a word she skipped right past it. So I told her to go back. She did but I could see it wasn't registering with her. So I made some remark about the fact that maybe Lee and Kelly's dog Shelby was having puppies. Oh, she said, thats nice, and went back to commenting about the paint! Poor mom. After a still puzzled look sat on her face, I suggested that maybe, the picture was actually NOT a puppy... with a few more hints she finally got a surprised look on her face and said "really?"

Mom was much better prepared when I called home just two short months later to announce that she would be Grandma, again. The hardest part for me, was knowing I wouldn't be able to come and visit when Lee and Kelly had their baby as I would be about 7 months pregnant myself.

But we exchanged lots of phone calls and pictures. The night that Kelly went into the hospital to be induced, Lee called me. He was a little apprehensive about the name they had chosen. The problem wasn't the name itself. The problem was that although they did not know the sex of the baby they were convinced it was a girl. But if it wasn't? Could I help him go over some boys names just in case? Then abruptly he had to go. Kelly was having contractions closer together and he needed to get back to the hospital.

Madison Leigh was born the next day. I heard the news on my answering machine. I didn't get to meet her until she was already 4 1/2 months old and Nolan was 2 months old. They have been the best of friends ever since. Each time we see them they resume their friendships without missing a beat.

Madison is turning into such a beautiful young girl. She is a sweet and kind girl. She has a generous spirit and is very fun-loving. I can't believe she is 9 already. We can't wait to see all of them again soon.

Happy Birthday Madison! Your present is in the mail :) Be sure to share with Sissy and don't let dad get into it :)


  1. Thanks Kaleena :) I think so too. It was sooo much fun to look through all my pictures and memories this way.

  2. Oh happy birthday beautiful girl! And I especially love the "cornhead" hats...made me laugh out loud!! Love the progression pics, too. What a great idea.

  3. Robynn, I just read your essay! I totally get why Ree would leave that comment for you :) You wrote a beautiful piece and its very deserving, as are you! I for one am in awe of your mad writing chops!

  4. How much fun for your mom to have 2 grandchildren so close together!
    She is beautiful! Happy Birthday~

  5. Robin, (or grammy in training),

    Yes, twice if you can believe that! We did it again with our second ones which we'll get to in April :)

    And her inside is as beautiful as her outside!

  6. I love the piture of Madison on the beach. A stunner isnt she? And so very lucky to have a wonderful aunt too. Happy Birthday Maddison.

  7. Lilly, its one of my favorites too : ) Always good to have you show up here! I practically hear your voice in my head with the Aussie accent when I read your comments :)

  8. She is a dolly!

    We had three babies in our family all in the year 2000 and it has been so much fun watching them grow up together... they click your kids do, too.


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