Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Westra World Wordle

Just in case you are missing out. Wordle. Have you heard about it? Insert your favorite words, the feed from your blog, or a favorite poem, and out pops a word cloud. My friend, Amy, aka, Full of Whimsy, sent me a link yesterday. Give it a try. All you do is click on create. Then add your words or type in your URL. Ta da! Instant word cloud! For even more fun, hit the randomize button and watch the words shift, fonts change, and colors swap into a whole new look to your words. What does your word cloud look like?

The fun we found below are called Wikki Sticks. Nolan got them for Valentine's day. I almost mistook them for candy. I took them out of their cute bag and got one all the way to my mouth and caught a whiff... ewwww... WAX. But are they ever fun to twist and form shapes with. Wouldn't they be a perfect kids party favor?


  1. Oh, thank you for your encouraging words! The way things have been going around here for the last year or so, I find that it's very easy to feel overwhelmed. My husband is still a long way from recovering from his brain surgery and the complications that followed. Often, I find myself being mother and father to our 3 little ones. I try not to feel sorry for myself, but this week I haven't been very successful. It's great to have the blogging world where I can vent my frustrations and my shortcomings without the fear of my emotional breakdown being directed at the ones I love. God bless!
    Kaleena from McNabb Land

  2. Kaleena, I hope you will find some comfort and solace here, in blog world. We all share struggles and burdens, but we support and encourage each other through them. Blessings to you during this seemingly never ending rough road you are on!

  3. I love that! I am going to use that in my class too!

  4. Its great! Did you try it? Oh no, are you home with sick kids? I had to stop and think which day it was...

  5. Glad you didn't actually eat those! That was hysterical!

    I am WILD to go try the word thing! Thank you for letting us know.

    Just wanted to invite you over to my place. I am giving away two $50 gift cards to Amazon.com. :)

  6. Robynn, oh, I do know! I'm thinking I'll write about it tomorrow and post a link, how'd that be? I know good writing when I see it!

  7. Hey Vicky? My heart just went out to Kaleena this morning reading her comment to you. I went over to her blog but it wouldn't let me post for some reason. Can I post to her here? I know you won't mind. Just wanted to encourage her. Here goes - hope she sees it.

    Saw your post over at Vicky's and just had to drop by and tell you my heart goes out to you! I, too, have been through more than I think I'd ever be able to post about because no one would believe me or they might go screaming in the opposite direction!

    So I'll say something platitud-ee like, "Hang in there!" but the reality is, you are. I so hope you feel better and that God grants you relief soon. I don't know what all you've struggled through but I read your profile and THAT would be enough! Be encouraged today. God is with you in every moment and I pray everyone recovers fully, quickly, and completely. From a mom who gets it! (((hugs)))

  8. Thank you Robynn! I will be sure she comes back to see it! I think what you wrote is exactly what she needs to hear right now :) Thank you for doing that :)

  9. And all my other encouraging peeps if you want to use my comment section for some healing words that Kaleena could use, why go right ahead!

  10. Loved this little bit of whimsey!
    I'll visit Kaleena too Vicky...Love to you and yours~

  11. I tried to comment over at Kaleena's too and no luck...
    I just wanted to say:
    I'm praying for you Sweetie, for you and yours...

  12. Thanks Robin, I knew I could count on my wonderful bloggie peeps :) I emailed her about her comments.

    Blessings to you!

  13. Thank you for allowing your readers to leave my comments on your blog! It was nice to get those lovely thoughts from so many people. I went to my blog and it let me post a comment to myself, so maybe the problem is fixed. Thanks again. God Bless!

  14. I kid you not; in the top right corner of the wordle from my blog feed, it says:

    because: I fat

    LOL. That was funny!

  15. Would you believe that I put in my blog and RILEY'S NAME DID NOT SHOW UP?

    I must need to talk about him more ;)

    Going to check out your friend's blog now...

    hugs :)

  16. Anita that is hysterical! I hope you shuffled that right away :) Of everyone I thought of that might like this, YOU were the first one who came to my mind!

    Gitz, NO WAY! Apparently the wordle people don't KNOW you very well :) I hope you shuffled as well!

    Kaleena came looking for MckMmama and got me instead after lasts weeks shenanigans... but I am starting to believe its a God thing perhaps... maybe she ended up right where she needed to be :) Thank you for going to visit her!


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When you get lucky

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