Saturday, February 28, 2009

If the Sports Reporting is Wrong Tonight, Don't Blame Me!

Welcome to the Jungle...

We went to St. Cloud State University today to watch our Moorhead Spuds compete in the hockey section semi-finals. The boys "rocked out" most of the way down there.

Rick didn't have anyone to help him videotape the game today. He talked me into doing it by telling me how SIMPLE it was to do it. He set it all up on a tripod and hooked up the camera to a big monitor and told me to just follow the action of the puck. Sounds easy enough. But then they dropped the puck and actually started skating and holy crap was there a learning curve involved! For one thing they are fast, and the puck is tiny and trying to keep it all in the frame was no small feat. I can't tell you how many times I'd be following a player with the puck only to have him emerge on the other side of the rink... WITHOUT the puck! It had been stripped away and was already on its way back the other way before I caught up with it! Now all of this Rick told me how to prepare for, so I did catch on with practice.

What he didn't prepare me for was working alongside a sports reporter for our local news station. I recognized him instantly and he went out of his way to introduce himself and chit chat with me. But then Moorhead scored a goal. And I was concentrating so hard on capturing the play, the sports guy's question caught me a little off guard. He said "can you verify for me who YOU saw?" Thank goodness he didn't whip out the microphone on me, but he did lean over his pen and paper waiting for my response. He nodded when I told him what I thought I had seen.

Okay, this EASY job was coming with a little bit of pressure. He started asking me more questions. Was he mistaking me for a professional? I mean he had to have known in reality, I am The Wife of the guy who is the professional, right? Uh, maybe not.

Period two, another Moorhead goal. Colton who is standing next to me cheers for Braden, just as the announcer, tells us its Jordan who scored. Oh know, camera guy is leaning over my way again. It WAS Braden, right? I am now relying on the wisdom of my six year old when I tell him, yeah, Braden. Low and behold a few minutes later, the announcer tells us it was Braden, not Jordan who scored the goal. Finally Moorhead scores their third goal. This time I am ready. I not only have it perfectly on tape, but I have the name and number of the player. He smiles at me this time when he says "now that one, I saw clear as day, no controversies on that one." Figures.

I was somewhat relieved when the game was over and Moorhead wound up winning 4-0. I'm going to go and watch the sports soon. If for some reason, the sports guy doesn't get the names exactly right on all of the plays, don't blame him. Really, you never can tell these days just WHERE they might have gotten their information!


  1. OMGOSH woman! You are so much braver than me! I would have had a heart attack. I can hardly figure out where the puck ever is, let alone film it. Hope he loves you to death for this. Well, maybe not THAT much! lol

  2. How cool are you? Alexa went to the Predators vs. Red Wings game tonight and she called me asking, "Did you see us? They put us on the screen!" Woot! But, no. I didn't see them. Thankfully I recorded the game on Fox Sports and not from behind the camera. I would have been clueless. I think you deserve some Godiva for all your hard work. I think maybe that sports caster should go halvsies with Rick to get them for you.

  3. Holy Crap!

    Vicky, I seriously started sweating while reading that. I am so not cut out for that kind of pressure... I like things I PREPARE for. And the sportscaster would have stopped asking for my advice after the first time I looked at him and said, "I have no freaking idea. Isn't that YOUR job?!?!"

    You are one cool cookie.

    Love Welcome to the Jungle, by the way ... 80s flashbacks... :)

  4. I'm feeling like I have my own little posse of "Sundays."
    Waking up to the three of you here just got my day off to a wonderful start!

    Robynn, neither Rick or I have viewed the footage yet, so the verdict on how well I did is still out :) He may end up either loving me to death or well... he may just never ask me again :)

    Anita, I got Dairy Queen after not having it for 5 months! And really, how cool is Alexa! A Preds game would have been soooo fun and to be put on the jumbotron is HUGE! I hope you find it on the tape :)

    Gitz, whenever we are allowed to play music at any hockey game its almost all 80's music. Our kids don't realize it isn't current because its all they hear some days! See, I knew you would get this... I love to be prepared too! So this is me trying to break out of that mode for just a little bit at least. I definitely had some butterflies for awhile :)

  5. You did great under pressure, I may have excused myself to the ladies room never to return! My thought is if the footage is good Rick is happy, if it isn't well, you NEVER have to do that again!!!
    Win Win :)

  6. Robin, EXACTLY, win-win. Although, he WAS happy. So happy in fact he wants to know if I'll do it again, Wednesday night... YIKES!

  7. I my you are braver than me. Good on you! And I love your coat. You look glamourous!

  8. Aww, thanks Lilly. As cold as the rinks are inside I'll take warmth over glamour any day, but if I it looks like I am getting both than I am thrilled!

  9. This is a fantastic story Vicky, I think you should be the featured story not the game! great job, and ummm I think it's funny your children know more than the sports announcer, way to go boys!

  10. ha ha, and I just watched the video, classic!

  11. Yes, the boys totally know every little detail about the big boys! Its embarrassing to say the least when they set us straight :) I'm glad you liked it, I really just set out to talk about our day and that sometimes turns into a story.

    Yes, "rocking out" is the only way to go!


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