Monday, February 20, 2012

Hockey districts and distractions

With my test being cancelled on Friday, I got to go to Fergus Falls for Nolan's opening district hockey game.  I could not have had a better weekend of distraction.  We dropped Nolan off at his game an hour beforehand and went to the one place I always turn to when the going gets tough... Dairy Queen.  Yum.

We played a Brainerd team Friday night we had previously lost to in overtime.  We were hoping for a better outcome this time, but lost to them 3-2 in regular play.  

So it was an early start to our morning on Saturday with a 6:30 am drive to Fergus Falls.  But we were treated to the sun rising up into a foggy landscape.  

Just around the corner from the arena is a wildlife refuge.  I would venture to say its a habitat for thousands of geese.  The sun was rising up through the mist and Rick and I both were compelled to stop and take photos.

It was breathtaking and these are my own photos. It was serene, tranquil and mystifying all at once.  I'm finding it impossible to feel burdened at times like this when nature is stunning and gratitude washes over me.

And then it was time for our game against Little Falls.  We beat them recently and were looking for a repeat.  But they gave us a challenge and it made for a nail biter of a game!  We tried to include photos of each player on the Peewee A-2 team, from all three of the games we played.

Lucas with the puck.

Jack winning a face off for the puck.

Skylar battling along the boards for the puck.

Max with the puck.

Parker ripping a shot with some great flex on his stick.

Parker D. skating with the puck.

Karson looking to make a pass or play.

Jake skating with the puck.

Landon with some huge flex on his stick.

Grant battling for the puck.

Carter making another awesome glove save.

Coach Zach and Coach Blake.

Mitch going in for the puck.

Sam shooting one at the goal.

Ryan S. facing off for the puck.

Christian setting up for a shot.

Ryan K looking for the play.

Nolan catching only a small part of the puck and not enough to score on this one...

But Nolan got a full piece of this one with some awesome assists from his team mates!

Mitch, Nolan, and Sam celebrating after the goal. 

Time out... we're headed into OT with Little Falls...

And we win!!! 5-4 in OT with Little Falls!  We've lost so many times in OT, this win was a victory in more ways than one!  

We then took on a team from Alexandria that we've lost to every time we've played them.  We came close to beating them in our first outing, losing in OT 2-1, but have never made it past them.

Saturday, we couldn't get past them either.  In a close game again, we lost in regulation play 2-1.  Our season ended Saturday on a bittersweet day.  

These boys showed a tremendous amount of perseverance throughout their season.  They started the year as a B squad playing an A schedule and regularly got resoundingly beat.  But by the end of the season, to me they look just like an A squad, competing with the other A teams.  They still may not have won, but they challenged those teams and competed with them.  They could not be overlooked- they were an honest viable threat.  

Congrats to the Peewee A-1 squad who went on to win the district championship game and will move on to the regional tournament.  Congratulations to our Peewee B-1 team who will also move on to play in their regional tournament!  

Almost all of our Peewee A-2 hockey moms, with the cute mini-players on a stick made by Pam,  we used to cheer on our boys!

Our hockey family continues to surround us with prayers, love and encouragement.  Yesterday Colton's team surprised us with a fundraising project they have undertaken.  They are making gloves with "spirit fingers" in our team colors and selling them as a way to raise funds for our family.  I'm really touched and honored.  I have finally succumbed to a cold our family has been passing around.  I took cold meds yesterday that kept me "loopy" but able to breathe a little easier.  So I was rather subdued, but I hope they know how truly blessed we feel by their efforts.

Thank you Squirt White team!  (sorry for the less than ideal photos) 

I'm getting ready for tomorrow.  It sort of feels like the first day of school.  A familiar setting with familiar faces, but a whole new set of lecture notes to decipher.  You know I'm bringing my "Cancer Fighting A game" regardless of the circumstances! 

Thank you for all of your uplifting and encouraging notes. I find solace and comfort in each and every one of them and wish I could reply to each one of you that so steadfastly puts my name on your lips and offers it up to God. Blessings and love to all.


  1. Hugs, hugs and more hugs your way! Thinking of you!

  2. Your photographs of the sunrise, morning mist and geese are stunning Vicky! Love the new blog template and header too.

    Sending love and light with you tomorrow.

  3. Very moved by your new banner photo on your blog. We just got done with a huge discussion about the trillions of stars and galaxies that exist and we were looking a Hubble photographs. We are awed by what God has done and what He is still doing, in us and around us. Your photo put the perfect period on the end of our family discussion sentence.

    So glad you got to go to the games and watch everything. And what a great fundraiser. Thinking of you and beseeching for you - OFTEN. Big gentle hugs.

  4. Hi my friend. I spent a long time here today. There is so much to see and to read...with absolute pleasure. I LOVE your photos of the geese and the sun and the water. Stunning, Vicky. Stunning. I wish I could see geese on a frozen area like that. It's hard to explain how beautiful something like that is to me...since I don't get to see it first hand. Thank you for those peaceful photos.
    And, I was excited as I went through each photo of the hockey players and felt like it was almost a play-by-play call during the game. Overtime! Yes!! A win against Little Falls. How fabulous is that! I know that the guys played their hearts out against Alexandria. Maybe we'll get 'em next year. Congratulations to all the squads (and their Moms and Dads.) It sounds like all of you had a great year of hockey. Such lessons learned on the ice and off. Thank you to you and your husband for spending quality time with your boys. Those times are forever times for you all.
    Love you and I love to lift you up to our great and wonderful Lord. Thank you for the prayers for my family. You are a jewel.
    Hugs a bunch!

  5. So happy to hear you had such a great day
    The morning shots were absolutely gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing them Vicky.

  6. Stunning photos filled with God's glory. Will be thinking of you tomorrow.

  7. Vicky what an awesome captured the weekend of stress and extreme pride perfectly.
    I am so proud of those boys, and of you. Let how they/you deal with being handed a series of lemons be a true lesson on how to make the freshest, sweetest lemonade.

  8. Vicky, your photos are stunning, what a morning...
    Ya know, after hanging out with you for a few winters, I now pause for a moment when I come across a hockey game on TV! You've given me an appreciation for the game, I love these actions pics too.
    And Honey, I love your hockey community...these are seriously good people. Praying for each of them to have good things come their way.
    Praying for you too Sweet One. I love u

  9. what time tomorrow morning is your appointment?

    love the sunrise pictures...very peaceful.


  10. Vicky,

    What beautiful pics...I love sunrises and wonderful of God to paint us a picture to bless our day! I am praying for you and your appointment. I hope it was okay, but I also posted a blog pray request on Hope Lives Now! site.

  11. Thank you for these beautiful images. I'm reading this on Tuesday a.m. (over here in Europe) - praying for a good night's sleep and a peace-filled day tomorrow. God bless.

  12. p.s. I should have said a peace filled Tuesday - get's confusing when I'm typing on Tuesday but you are still in Monday. :-)

  13. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos with us. I love how you share with us the ways God is letting you see Him, and that His hand is on you in all of it. Praying for you as you begin the next step in this journey. I pray for wisdom and peace and that you may feel the prayers of all of us who are praying.
    Thinking of you,
    Barb from CNY

  14. Checking in this morning because I thought you were headed back to the doctor this morning - praying for you today.

    Beautiful photos, especially the one in the blog header. And a trip to DQ is always a win-win. Ice cream is always a must for me as well. When I started my second chemo drug, I always had oreos and coffee ice cream when I came home before the sickies hit. ;)

  15. Amazing photos! God bless you and your wonderful family always :)

    Love is all you need. - I'm singing the Beatles now :) A lot off key but singing anyway for you!!

  16. You are so filled with God. You must be, in order to keep going with such grace and such a smile on your face. You inspire me to try harder to do the same.

    Praying for you.


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