Wednesday, February 8, 2012

nothing and everything

I really didn't have anything for a post today.  Sometimes when I am quiet, its simply because I don't have anything to say... nodda, zip, nothing.

But then all of you started texting, and flooding my email box, and calling and visiting.  And how do I go from nothing, to everything?

I have meals lined up for all of next week!

I have cleaners coming to my house today!

I have leash advice for Crosby!

I have new smoothie recipes!

I have bible verses, songs and words to encourage...

And this...

As I lay in bed last night with the heating pad wrapped around my back, my phone buzzed one last time.

It was an email from a friend, with a link to this... 

And somehow Jackie knew I might miss it, and I may have.  But oh how glad I am that I didn't.

Shannon's words danced over my heart and lasered right through to my soul.  She loves so big... and how
on earth did I end up on the receiving end of so much grace?  She is both exquisite and powerful and gifted in her words, and well, you'll just have to see for yourself.

I went to sleep last night and slept peacefully.  I was wrapped under your blanket of prayers, and light, and well-wishes... and love.   And even when my words fail, instead of feeling like nothing, I was reminded that truly, I have everything.


  1. Shannon is a loving wife and mother; she is a prolific writer.
    She sounds like a sweet friend of mine...whose one little word is 'light.' You both are amazing.
    Love you, friend...

  2. You are indeed lucky Vicky
    All you need now is to get well:)

  3. I love that your friends are always there for you & your family. Thinking of you & praying for you.
    God bless!

  4. What a comforting thought ... to be wrapped in prayer. Rest well.

  5. The love wrapping you coming from everywhere, is the best blanket keeping you warm and safe, all the way through the end of next week.

    Beautiful words from your beautiful friends. Stay wrapped in everyone's loving thoughts and prayers:-)

    Hugs xo

  6. What wonderful friends you have and they are a joy to read about. Still praying. So, so glad you are covered - in services, in meals, in love, and in prayer.

  7. I am in total awe of your writing and your presence to all of us. I cannot even imagine the pain but above it you rise in the golden light of hope for nothing is impossible with the light of God. I just want you to know that you have made a difference in my life, in my work of spiritual direction and in our world. I hope you will publish your blog, it is absolute evidence of the presence of God. I will keep you close to my heart in prayer and God bless your journey through next week of testing, thank you for all you do for all of us! Vicki, I have this mantra to share that I received from my spiritual director from Wisdom Jesus:

    We cannot change, fix or control but we trust the harmonizing love between us and God will permeate the circumstances and transform it AND that is the Moment the sunlight melts the snowflake (yesterday's pictures at the hockey rink.) Vicki, I would add to this mantra, that it is the water from the snowflake that gives us the "holy water" for the rest of our journey!

    I have never written on a blog before so don't know if this is appropriate but hope so.

  8. Vicky, I will not say I'm religious, or not religious... I suppose I am an observer who knows I don't know much. But your words and faith are so powerful and the POWER of faith even more so... I know you give many hope and encouragement through sharing your own journey, which is courageous in itself.

  9. Vicky, even in the stillness, there are big things going on within us. It's just not always something we can share. I respect all of that but my world is brighter with you in it, so keep coming back when and if your heart feels like sharing. Glad you are feeling loved, as well you should, because you are so worthy of that!

  10. I love reading your posts and all the comments. It lights the darkness of some of my days.

  11. You bring such light to all of us with your words and generous spirit. Hugs!!!


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When you get lucky

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