Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love, humor, and light

I promise you not a moment will be lost as long as I have heart &; voice to speak &; we will walk again together with a thousand others &; a thousand more &; on &; on until there is no one among us who does not know the truth: there is no future without love. 

 Brian Andreas, Story People

I love how you all are bringing light to my life...  I'm about ready to burst into song- maybe Debbie Boone's "You Light Up My Life..." or not...  I'll spare you since its Valentine's day and all.  *wink* 

My friend Amy made this for me! All of the words derive from the word light... my photo doesn't do it justice, and I have it on my desk in my room to see when I first wake up every morning.  Amy herself is a light I am thankful for.  

There was a knock at the door this morning and this was awaiting me!  Its a huge dark chocolate bar from my friend Nancy, also a breast cancer survivor.  She was one of the first through my door last March, enfolding me in a hug and telling me I was "her person."  Her support has seen me through. Thank you Nancy!

When I grabbed the cute package off the step it caused me to look up and catch the beautiful sunrise.  Its grey and overcast now, but I tucked that sunrise into my brain to remember later in the MRI tube.  

The pain once permeating my back, has taken up residence in my right arm.  Its starts in my lymph nodes under my armpit and travels down the underside of my arm,  BUT, only when I move my arm a certain way.  And I don't know exactly which movement will trigger the zing down my arm!  It feels like the sensation you get when you've hit your "funny" bone- but I think I'm renaming it to the "swearing" bone.  Some colorful language has come out my mouth!! Its so not me and I am hoping Dr. Panwalkar has a treatment for my mouth arm!

Another survivor friend sent this in an email to me "One of my prayers during testing is please Lord get there before me."  I'm taking this with me today.  I have a ton of time on my hands in before and during the test.

And, I was wondering... do any of you have something on your heart I can pray for today or the next three days?  Leave your concern or request in the comment section and I will pray for you.  You've all done so, so many times on my behalf, it does my heart good focusing on something/someone else.

Hug your Valentines today and make sure they know you love them! 


  1. I pray for your pain to subside and for this sunrise you saw today to stay in your heart showing you our love.

    Thinking of you more than you will ever know.

    Hugs soft and gentle,still hugs

  2. What special presents, and very much deserved. There's a lot of love being sent your way, it's powerful stuff that!
    I'll be thinking of you ... and I do hope the doctor can give you something for that 'swearing' bone :o) xxx

  3. first continued prayers to you....and now a friend of a dear friend was just diagnosed with cancer, so extra prayers for her are needed now, too.....xo

  4. Dear Vicky,

    I am praying for you...for light, and healing, and love. Your husband and boys are also in my prayers for comfort, health, and thanksgiving.

    Thank you for your offer to pray for others. Please pray for all of our children who need a friend, a cure, or an encouraging word.

    Much love,
    Cindy in Texas

  5. Oh, I am praying for your pain today. Hope the doctor has something useful for you.

    And dark chocolate bars? Yes, please!!

    If you'd like to pray, pray for us as we follow our dream that was put on hold last year of moving to Texas to be a part of a new church plant. Brian is taking tests to be certified to teach in Texas and he must have a teaching job before the school year so that we can move.

  6. I pray for your speedy recovery every day Vicky and for the world to be a better place to live.

    Happy Valentines' Day to you

  7. many many prayers for your tests, for calm and peace as you walk through the days, and that the dr will be able to help with the arm pain!!

    i just came from visiting my friend Heidi who is nearing the end of her journey. Prayers for her husband and kids and for peace for her.

  8. Interesting how they named that nerve the "funny" bone. NOthing funny about it, right my friend? Prayers for you regarding that pain.
    Thank you for asking about praying for specifics for us, your blogging family.
    I have a request, Vicky. Please, pray for my Mama, Daddy, and my Sister. They each have special needs and God knows each one of them. Thank you so much for asking...and for praying.

  9. Vickie, you are such a sweetheart! How I wish I lived closer so I could be there for you on those dreary days. You have been there for us when we were going thru our ordeal last year.
    Funny bone? Hopefully they can give you relief from those craZy pains it is causing you! Enjoy the chocolate !

    Continued prayers coming your way and prayers for all the people who have requested prayers. hugs to you, happy valentines day!

  10. Prayers for this Valentine's Day and always. So glad you have that beautiful sunrise to envision during your MRI.

  11. I'm a lover of light too, so these light photos are making me smile. And I saw that sunrise but didn't take time to stop; didn't have the time this morning. I wish I had. You did a great job of capturing it. I'm going to send my prayer request through email. :) XXOO, Roxane

  12. Lovely sunrise, Vicky.

    Dear Lord, I pray
    that you will lift my friend up
    with Your holy, heavenly power.
    Support her, encourage her, I pray,
    and shelter her
    from all harm, evil and danger
    in your safe, loving arms.
    On this Valentine's Day,
    give her a heart full of peace,
    serenity and happiness.
    In Jesus' name I pray; amen.
    ~Joanna Fuchs

    Praying for you as always, Vicky!

  13. Dear Vicky,
    Please hold Jeremy and Stacey, whose beautiful daughter Delilah was laid to rest yesterday at the age of 27 days, in prayer. Amazing how some one with such a short life here can affect so many...

    And I continue to hold you, my cyberspace friend, in prayer.


  14. The Light picture is wonderful and I love the sunrise too! Hugging you so very tight in my heart my lovely friend :)

  15. we had a sky just like yours this morning, and i love that i work at a time of day when i get to see how the Creator paints his canvas each day.

    i'm sort of glad the pain has moved from your back to your arm, as it seems to me that would be a better place to have pain reside. funny bone sensations are not pleasant, but i hope you can figure out the trick of how to move without triggering it.

    how you could pray for me? i'm humbled, dear. bob and i have the opportunity to be part of a marriage Bible study led by a couple whose marriage i admire. the only problem is that we've already committed to lead a study for 8 weeks. the marriage one starts before the 8-week commitment, but we didn't know about it until yesterday. would like to do both, but bob doesn't think he can handle that. he needs to decide if we should do the marriage one, which will only be led by this couple 1 last time before they move to AFRICA to begin a season of ministry there, or if can do both, OR if we should just lead the one we already committed to. pray that i would be accepting of whatever he decides.

    if i could be so bold as to add one more: michael is not understanding how to study--this year is the first he's ever had to as a junior in HS--and we don't know how to help him. he's doing well in most of his classes, but in 2 key classes, AP physics and math, he's struggling. he needs to step out of his comfort zone and ask for help, but he doesn't know how to articulate what he doesn't understand. we don't know how to help him and he doesn't know how to help himself. viscous cycle.

    thanks! will pray you rebound well.

  16. Hi vicky; I am late reading this post and am humbled you would pray for me!

    First, I continue to pray that you His light in your life and that ALL good things are coming to you at His hand; healing and light to you!

    I would greatly appreciate prays for our current living situation; we may very well need to move (long story & too many details for this comment) please pray for an answer and patience and peace to me and my kids; this may rock their world a bit.

    Thank you sweet Vicky

  17. Hi Buddy,
    How I'm lifting you up...you are beautiful and amazing and I'm in a fit of laughter imagining anything "colorful" coming out of your sweet mouth. OUCH. I'm praying Dr. P can find a fix that will work wonders on this one. Praying minute by minute, dear heart. You are so very surrounded by light and love. xoxo


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