Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jack Frost

We woke up this morning to fog and I wasn't as quick on my feet as I would have liked. Knowing that along with fog and temperatures hovering around the freezing mark in all likelihood we may have trees dripping with sparkly, shimmery, frosty goodness. They had started to melt by the time the fog rolled out. I hope I didn't scare the neighbors. I went out on the back deck with my slippers and jammies and balanced precariosly on a chunk of compacted snow to snap these few photos of the trees in the back yard. I love the empty bird's nest in the middle picture. The sparse twigs covered in a blanket of snow waiting the arrival of warmer days and the return of the robins. A little remnant of hope in the midst of a long winter.


  1. Oh you weren't late these pics are great! We have a warm front, it's going to be 65 today! I'm almost (but not quite) ready to give up on any snow in the sad:(
    But I've now put my snow pics in a plastic covers with magnets on my fridge so I can look longingly at them every day! Love to you today my friend~

  2. Would you believe I had a dream last night that it poured down rain and washed away all the snow?

    I woke up smiling... and then remembered it's below zero highs today :)

  3. HA! Yes, I'd believe... would you believe I have a big case of SPRING FEVER.. and its 3 below? Somehow, I already know... that won't surprise you in the least :)


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When you get lucky

When you get lucky

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