Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blue and Yellow

I just don't have a creative life force flowing through me at the moment. I've started and deleted more stuff than I care to think about. The winter "blahs" have taken their grip on so many people I know. This doesn't mean that I am sad or upset or even frustrated... just a little on the less than enthusiastic side. I'm not alone.

My neighbor called me over for tea the other day. I laughed when I arrived and she said she had no tea, or really anything to go with tea, but she DID want company. She was tired of the still white walls in the lower level of her house, that reminded her of the still white sea of white that we live in. I laughed when she mentioned wanting to paint the walls blue and yellow. We are kindred spirits in our quest for all things outdoors and sunny and boy-proof. She didn't blink the day she invited us over to enjoy the new inflatable pool she bought that first summer we moved in... and the boys delighted in... filling it with rocks and sand. I knew we would be fast friends.

And while she and I laughed over stories of summer, our boys were busy outside. Winter has nothing on them. It was a high of -7, and there they were, building another snow fort. With rosy cheeks and teamwork and their little wagon that has become their little engine that could. Even Colton, who took a hockey stick to the face in the shooting room at hockey, and has a big nasty looking scrape on his face, insisted on being outside. They stop for hot chocolate every now and then, and to wave at all the people driving by admiring the massive beauty of their snow fort. Secretly, I wonder sometimes if the people driving by aren't more amused with the kids willing to play outside when its -7. In the five minutes I stood out there taking pictures, my fingers were numbing quickly and aching with cold and I didn't hesitate running my wimpy little behind back inside. I was momentarily sustained with imaginary tea and sweets with a kindred spirit and our now blue and yellow colored winter blahs.


  1. I've never in my life, no not once and I'm old, seen a snow fort. Vicky, this winter you have brought me so many new things :)
    Okay, I don't live in walls of white...not inside, not outside. I'm sooo close to giving up on snow here in the deep South, we can't even seem to get a stinkin flurry. So I'm trying to imagine being you and your neighbor...hummmm. Tell ya what, I'm sending warm hugs and gladly I'll trade temps with you, but like my Gramma used to say:
    "Robin, even fried chicken and chocolate cake would get old if you had them every day!"
    So maybe even the Holy Grail of winter weather would get old if I lived in it every day!!! :)
    I have tea...come visit!

  2. Oh sweetie, that is one wise Gramma! And your words are so welcoming and sunny!!! A little dose of sunshine and my world would be technicolor again... happens every year :) Anyplace warm and sunny would be welcome, but to come see you would be beyond delightful!

    Thanks for the warmth of your words : )

  3. Oh, that snow fort makes me SO nostalgic... how did I ever stay outside all day and play in the snow like that? Seems like a lifetime ago!

    The sun came out the other day and I almost burst with joy... I can't believe how gray it's been this winter ... and I know what you mean about the "blah" of no creativity ~ finding something to blog about lately has been like pulling teeth. I'm convinced that green grass and blue skies (in another four months or so) :) will make all the difference!

  4. I have seen the snowfort for myself and it is a beauty! I just bought the best book on kids being kids and just playing. Your kiddos take the cake on outdoor play below zero! Your boys are troopers--my little ones were in and asking for a warm bath after 15minutes! This cold is getting old, but thoughts of spring are not too far away!

  5. Gitz, is it a little sad that I am relieved to read that creativity eludes you as well? Although I was looking for your Albert Camus (sp?) quote on your blog and you seriously should repost some of your early stuff... Girl... you hit the ground running with your early blog posts :)

  6. Kjersten,

    I am sure my kiddos didn't last very long when they were that young too! I am so grateful that they both enjoy activity and being outside :) Just keep bundling them up and sending them out and they'll love it eventually.


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When you get lucky

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