Monday, October 31, 2011

In the midst of dizzy...

In the midst of dizzy I found...


I'm often quite struck with the thoughtfulness that comes from such a diversity of people too. We received a delicious meal last Friday, just spur of the moment.  Susan, the lasagna was restaurant -worthy and wonderful!  We devoured it over the weekend.  Thank you for nourishing and enriching our lives with your always thoughtful gestures! 

I also found...

A compassionate soul in a young girl.

This beautiful scarf came in the mail from the young daughter of a high school classmate of mine. Katie said she saw this yarn at the store and in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, thought I might enjoy a warm pink scarf to wear. Besides, she is a hockey sister, and knew that I am a hockey mom and we will both spend numerous hours freezing in the cold at the hockey rink. I'm extremely touched that she would think of doing this for me.  Thank you Katie, Kristen and Marty!  

I also found...


You see, I asked God for a bit of a distraction, to help me focus elsewhere so I wouldn't get too mired in dizzy. Apparently someone was listening.  Isn't that how it goes?  One thing comes to occupy our every waking moment, and in asking to be distracted? Boy, was I ever.  

I would have to say this provided a major distraction ... it seems that my incision is revolting against the stitches again.  Fluid is leaking out and about an inch of my incision is crusty and scabby again.  I had to make an emergency visit last Friday to Dr. Bouton.  He was reassuring in that he still thinks I am healing.  That whatever fluid was in, has mostly come out again.  And the layers should want to go together, rather than separate.  I will see him again later this week.  See?  Distracted, and reassured. 

These were awaiting me when I returned home.  My mother brought them for me and then stayed and watched the kids so Rick and I could go to our hockey social.  I was way too happy to see so many of my favorite hockey people to worry about either dizziness or leaking incisions that won't heal.

Then, I found love, unexpected in my mail box.

Saturday morning these arrived from my dear blogging friend, Robin, from All Things Heart and Home. She is the sweet friend who for 4 years now, has sent Sara and I pink warm fuzzy socks, and we have days that call for all of us to wear them together.  In honor of Sara, I have a feeling I will wear these and think of her and our special Robin, often.  Thank you Robin!  Robin has a beautiful blog that inspires, one you should definitely visit!

And thats when "joy" showed up.

Speaking of Sara, this morning, after a long night with a frazzled and tired out boy, who is surrendering to stress he feels coming at him from everywhere, well this was peeking out of my mailbox.   Its my Gitzen Girl inspired necklace made by Donna of Beans and Beads.  I ordered it just last week.  The little silver cap on top of the bead says "Sara." 

I'm reminded often, in all of this, the messy of our lives, we always have a choice.  Today, the choice is easy, Joy is what I will reach for.  How about you?  What do you find in the midst of messy? 


  1. oh vicky,

    once again you have put things into perspective for me!

    bless your heart! thank for these words today, for touching my heart and spirit and for the reminder to Chose Joy!

    Sending you Angels of healing!

  2. You are often brought to my thoughts and then to my prayers. I bought myself one of Donna's lovely Choose Joy/Sara necklaces. I will think of you, Robin and Sara whenever I wear it.
    Robin is an incredibly special person, as you are--I'm so blessed to have had the opportunity to have you three ladies (thinking of Sara) touch my 'cyber-life'.
    The scarf is beautiful and the thought behind it is beautiful, too. You have wonderful family & friends supporting you!

  3. My oh my...and I selfishly thought my week-end was busy. Nothing compared to yours sweet Vicky. I pray that the healing process is continuing so that any fluid leftover will instantly evaporate.
    I am finding myself a bit frazzled. In the midst of a giveaway and finally deciding to take the bull by the horns in registering for NaNoWriMo (first time.
    After all I have been wanting to write a book for ages...Now is the time ;-)
    Thank you for sharing your world with us, Vicky sending you love and strength all the way from Vancouver

  4. when you get presents and share them here, i get the same feeling i get when i watch someone open presents in real life! so FUN and such cool pressies from wonderful people God has put in your path for this stretch of the journey.

    glad you had some welcome distraction. keep us posted about that incision leak.

  5. Vicky,

    Beautiful things, all, for a beautiful gal.

    I want to share something with you today. It may or may not make you feel better. I heard in two different places that the more the suffering, the greater the graces. It might not make you want to shout, "Oh, bring on the suffering." But, at the very least, I hope it heartens you. It's obvious to me that grace is flowing well and strong in your life. So many are reaping the benefits of the light you are shining, even in the darkness. Well, let me speak for myself. I am a better person for having journeyed this much with you. Thank you, friend!

  6. Vicky, All these things show how much you are loved and thought about by so many people! I don't know if I ever told you that my twin teen daughters names are Joye (joy) and Hope. They remind me everyday that in choosing joy, I find hope.

    Hugs my friend! :0)

  7. I like to keep my life as simple as I can and keep busy doing things I love. I love my family.
    I find life, no matter how much you live to be much to short and wish we did not have to sleep or eat to get to experience as much of it as we are capable of.
    It's important to keep ones' joie de vivre alive.:)
    I am glad you are doing this and have the support you need around you to help you.:)

  8. Once again, a beautiful post. I reach for joy, love, and humility. Too many of us forget to be thankful. You are all of these things.

  9. You are surrounded by many people that love you, You do sound like you have been busy, I hope the incision quits draining and all goes well. you are an inspiration Vicky, your strength amazes me, we can all learn so much from you. hugs to you and a big hug. prayers always to you.

  10. Hi Vicky,

    Just thought I'd let you know that I'm thinking of you lots, hoping that you are having a better day.

    I have something special and 'pink' to do next week - it involves an airline flight, a hotel stay and speaking a few words to a group...These things I'd never thought I'd be doing in a zillion years!!! I want you to know that I will carry you in my heart all the way there and back again...

    Hugs and prayers,
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  11. So glad God sent these things in your life to help give you joy. I think it's amazing how people follow God's direction and it works out just when we need the extra encouragement.

  12. i love how you see Vicky! I pray for the sight you have to see all the gifts among the messy!

    thank you Lord for Vicky - thank you for your grace and mercy Lord.

    Blessings to you Vicky!


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