Monday, October 3, 2011

if you continue, you will change...

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She came on a Sunday afternoon, bearing Gin-Gins and a big smile.  She's been here in town on the weekends, going through her childhood home filled with her father's treasures.  Its been a year since he passed, shortly after the passing of my own father.  

We were in high school when we last had contact.  Now, decades older, we discover the parallels of our journey. And how we've "grown" and are "growing."  An hour flew by as we traversed over the subjects of death, and mourning, and what we've come to know, and what we may never know. It felt good for someone to know a piece of my grief, and for me to know a scrap of hers. 

And then she left for her home with a gladware container of cherry tomatoes.  I don't always know in the moment, but if you asked me about my weekend, I'd tell you her visit left me with a slice of unexpected joy.  

Thanks Elizabeth!  Lets do it again soon!    


  1. Slices of unexpected joy are the best. Being far away from everyone I grew up with I can imagine how surpringly delightful it would be to have an "old" friend coming over.
    I love your post title, Vicky. Somehow it seems to apply to what I am going through...

  2. Sounds like a lovely, lovely reconnection.

  3. Vicky, I, too, love the movement that the title of this post implies. What hope there is within those few words! I'm pleased as punch to know you were so blessed this weekend. You deserve all the sweet visits, and she was equally blessed by it and the tomatoes, no doubt. :)

  4. wow, what a great quote! that's going on my bathroom mirror!

    i LOVE it when old friends stop by. they almost always bring warm fuzzies and leave you with fond memories. yay for impromptu visits!

    thanks for your prayers over the weekend. they were heard.

  5. It's so nice to be able to meet friends from your past with whom to share memories with.

    Yes, coming to a time to say good bye is indeed humbling.

    Its hard because they pass on the torch to you.
    Suddenly your realize you are not a child anymore but a grown up, a leader, someone people look to or look up to and you don't know if you are ready or ever will be ready.
    Can you carry the torch and do as good a job as your parents did?
    It's a heavy load and a huge responsibility we were raised to one day to partake in.
    Scary too.

  6. So glad you got to be with someone who could share your pain with you because she has experienced the same type of loss you have (with her dad).

    Exhaustion is definitely a stopper because, truly, you CAN'T go on any longer. I've had pain this year that was the same though. Hours of screaming for Jesus into a pillow and praying I would be delivered from these earthly shackles. Overlooking pain and pushing through it is what landed me in surgery so now, when pain talks, I do listen. But if we waited to do everything without pain, we'd all be inert! Sometimes, I just don't know whether to fight it or listen.

  7. So glad you got to spend some time with your friend and that you both could share in your griefs and also your growth. There's something so wonderful and refreshing about old friends, isn't there?!
    Awesome quote too...I needed to hear this very much!
    I think it's so important point to know the difference.
    Hugs to you! :)

  8. A long-time friend will be coming for a visit at the end of October. It's always a treat when she is here.

  9. sounds like a good way to spend a weekend :)

  10. Just wanted you to know I woke up thinking of you today.

    Glad you had a meaningful weekend with your friend.

  11. Been thinking of you and praying for strength, peace and healing.

  12. Catching up on my blogs since I've been away...and am always eager to read yours, Vicky.
    Footnote: As I was away, I was looking through my address book...turning pages, I came across your Dad's address...still in there. I'll always leave it there...He stays with me in my heart....
    Love you,

  13. How nice to be visited by an old friend...all I can do is smile for you Vicky. Thinking of you.


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When you get lucky

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