Friday, October 7, 2011

Closer to...

Colton received his bible at church on Wednesday evening.  He and I attended a class last Saturday that introduced him to his bible and showed him how to use it.  He loved looking up passages and could already answer some of the instructors questions.  

He was beaming Wednesday night.  Rick and I placed the book in his hands in front of the congregation, and he sat thumbing through it all through the sermon.  His curiosity is piqued.  He sang, and prayed and basked in the glow of the sanctuary as he sat snuggled in between Rick and I.  

We arrived home from church already past the boys' bedtime.  Nolan of course, is starving, after eating a big meal at church.  He uses a less than desirable word to convey he isn't pleased when I tell him its bed time.  

But before I can respond, its Colton who quickly speaks up, "Nolan, you just took one step away from God."  I don't know that Nolan got the lesson, but I sure saw that Colton is getting the lesson.  

We saw the sun going down at the start of the church service and Rick quickly drove me over to the field of corn stalks and took this photo for me.  "Closer" to God was running through my head as I drank in the night air, the serene field, the hazy ball of fire slipping below the horizon.  


  1. One step away or one step closer to God...Our everyday actions are deciding and Colton sure seems to understand.
    Gorgeous Sunset photograph, Vicky.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Vicky. My heart is very full reading this. What a sweet blessing this must have been. So glad for all the precious moments we get.
    Love and hugs sweet friend, -Jo Ann

  3. Your words, Vicky, bring us closer as well.

  4. As you take us into your home, I feel much more like family.
    Love you, my friend....

  5. oh, what a beautiful shot. Frame it.

    So adorable, your little guy's embracing of the bible...

  6. Vicky, the photo was even more beautiful than I could have imagined, and the story, even better in written word form. Although I LOVED hearing it first from your mouth, and sharing my story in turn. And how we both ended up sharing our stories of God's love affecting our children's hearts in our blogs today! Love, love, love how God works, and how He has definitely work through our meeting one another. So much to be thankful for, here. Now, I can't wait for Monday's blog post. I think I might know what it's going to be about...hopefully. :)

  7. I love the photo and the story. I think that is a good practice to receive a bible. I don't believe we did in our church. I can see how it would be very important to your little man. sending prayers your way. hugs.

  8. more ways than one :)

  9. so glad you shared about this. what a cool idea! and that photo is stunning! i'd frame it!

  10. This was so nice.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I am so happy for Colton :)

  11. That is a beautiful photo.

    You have wonderful boys, each has their own personalities. I'm happy for Colton. Receiving your first bible is exciting.

    Hope you survived the extreme winds all got hammered!

  12. Hi Vicky...thanks for your visit. I think kids are so much easier to teach than adults are, they are just more teachable. Love your golden picture here...and the Golden pup, so cute! Take great care of you! ;D

  13. "Out of the mouths of babes!" as the expression goes--of course he's older than a babe.
    It's wonderful that he's being grounded in the Lord. I am so grateful for my early grounding.

    That photo is beautiful and it does make one feel one step closer to God. :>)

  14. I love the dialog of family. It's real and it's what we take with us when we grow up and make homes of our own. Thank you for letting us in Vicky...the photo is just gorgeous...

  15. Lovely Vicky,

    what a wonderfull idea from Rick for you and your words so great. Thankyou! You give me every time so many power.

    Big hugs


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