Wednesday, November 2, 2011

11 years in the making...

Nolan's first Halloween he was just 5 months old.  We had already figured out that earlier, was better, when it came to his bedtime.  So 7 pm was it.  But then daylight savings happened the same day as Halloween and guess what time little guy fell asleep?  That's right, by 6 pm, just as the trick or treaters were coming to our home, he fell asleep and missed the whole thing.

Score: Halloween 1- Nolan 0

Who would have thought by the time his second Halloween would come around, I'd be pregnant with Colton already?  I was in the throes of all day sickness, and we decided to make a hasty trip to Minnesota, from Idaho where we lived.  Grandpa and Grandma would love to experience trick or treating with one of their grandkids.  But this lion lived up to his costume and roared the whole time we tried to take him.  Pretty sure we never made it out the front door!  

Score:  Halloween 2 - Nolan 0

But surely by the time he was 3 and his Aunt let him use his cousin's Buzz Lightyear costume- well certainly he'd be excited to go then?  

Score: Halloween 3 - Nolan 0

I'm not even sure when Nolan started actually leaving the house for Halloween.  One year we took Colton by himself and Nolan stayed with Grandma after we moved back to Minnesota.   

But each year, there is drama and tears before we even get out the door with Nolan. Every. Single. Year.

And Colton?  With all the drama surrounding Nolan, this is the first actual picture I have of him in a Halloween costume.  He has always been completely thrilled and excited to go.

This year was an entirely different story.  There was more emphasis on pumpkin carving then costumes.

So Nolan carved a Pittsburgh Penguins pumpkin, of course.

And Colton made a Clone Trooper pumpkin.

And Nolan, ended up going to hockey tryouts.  So Colton threw on his old clone trooper costume and the two of us went trick or treating.

At the end of the night we realized, it was the first time in 11 years we made it out the door without any tears and drama. 

Score:  Halloween 10 - Nolan 1!!!  


  1. Hey Vicky,

    what a lovely story :-D!


  2. Patience is the key with everything, isn't it?

    Good luck to Nolan for his try out.

    Nice costume Colton :-)

  3. I loved reading this Vicky! The memories you have of past Halloweens must bring both tears and laughter!

    It is funny how each of our children react to different situations in different ways.

    I'm glad you actually got out the door this year with no tears to enjoy trick-or-treating with Colton.

  4. Woo Hoo! I had one of my more stress-free Halloweens as well! My daughter took the little guys trick or treating, oldest guy was gone, middle girl was the treat passer-outer. I wasn't needed so I went to Concordia to watch Matalin and Carville. A good night! Glad you experienced some successes too!

  5. We weren't all that jazzed about Halloween in the first place, and then Michael was freaked out by some high schoolers who came to the house when he was three. The masks scared him. So, we've never done trick or treat. Perhaps Nolan wouLd enjoy the whole thing if he was the candy giver instead. I'd say he's old enough to give up trying!

  6. oh how funny!
    Can you imagine not wanting to go out on Halloween!! lol
    I guess he gave out the candy then which is a lot of fun to do as well.
    I wouldn't have pushed him.
    Halloween isn't for every one. It's just for kids who love candy lol
    My guys were hooked on the candy part. They leave early and came home late with two huge bags full which lasted us till the next Halloween.
    But then I also gave out a lot too cause we had a lot of kids back then on our street.

  7. Wow, your boys are growing up fast. Wait until the boys no longer are interested in Halloween.....that's a weird feeling as a parent.

  8. Woohoo for Nolan! I love all the old pics!

  9. I love this! Sounds like a most lovely Halloween with your little; much like mine, the big had something else going quickly they grow up, friend.

  10. I wanna give a big hug and squeeze to Nolan in each of his photo...bless his sweet little heart.
    Colton is a happy camper....and I'm glad that Nolan had hockey on his mind and went out happily on Halloween.
    Love you, Vicky....

  11. I'm cracking up at that screaming mimi :-)

  12. Love that Buzz Lightyear picture. I have had my share of crazy emotional Halloweens. This year we didn't have one due to the storm. I'll do it up big next year! Love the pictures too :)


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